Supernatural to See Cain Return Very Soon


Supernatural may be on its winter hiatus but spoilers for upcoming episodes are being shared, and one of those is that Cain will return very soon. Timothy Omudson took to Twitter to tell his fans that he was back in Vancouver in a quirky way. He quickly revealed the answer, and many fans will be excited to hear more about his episode.

The first half of season 10 has had its ups and downs for fans. However, one this is for certain; the Mark of Cain has not been forgotten about in Supernatural. Dean Winchester received the Mark during season nine, episode 11 First Born. This was the first introduction of Cain—as in the Cain from the Genesis bible story—who transferred the Mark so that Dean could kill the Knight of Hell, Abaddon. There was one request: Dean was to kill him afterwards.

It is clear that the Mark of Cain is affecting Dean in terrible ways. At the end of season nine he told brother Sam that the Mark was making him someone he did not want to be. After dying and becoming a demon temporarily, the Mark has reared its ugly head again. The Supernatural winter hiatus ended with Dean in the middle of an arguably unnecessary bloodbath.

While the Winchester brothers have to deal with that, it appears that Cain is needed. They need to learn more, and who better than the man who the Mark originally belonged to. Supernatural fans have been told that they will see Cain return very soon.

It will not be long once the show returns in the New Year. Episode 14, Father of Murder, is the confirmed episode for Cain’s return. Very little has been shared about the episode at the moment, but Omundson confirmed that it would be “pretty intense.” It could be that Cain has come to be killed, but it could also be that Dean wants to transfer it back to the man. It will also be interesting to see if the Mark of Cain affects the former bearer at all.

There are a number of familiar faces returning in the second half of season 10 of Supernatural. One of those has already been confirmed as Felicia Day, who plays the fun and friendly Charlie. However, it seems her character will be returning from Oz changed. What has she seen while in the Emerald City?

Metatron, played by Curtis Armstrong, will make a reappearance. The trailer for episode 10, The Hunter Games, which will air on January 20, already shows that the devilish angel will make a reappearance. It looks like he will be taken by Sam and Dean to find out more about the Mark of Cain, and he is certainly revelling in the idea of Dean going dark side.

There is hope that other characters from the past will make reappearances. At the moment, no others have been confirmed, but there are always certainly options. For now, Supernatural fans do have the return of Cain very soon to look forward to.

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