California ‘Pineapple Express’ Storm Causes Widespread Blackouts


In California, the Pineapple Express storm hit the Pacific coast hard, causing widespread blackouts, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, according to a Breaking News report by KSBY. Besides the blackouts, the storm has also uprooted trees, flooded highways and has resulted in thousands of people staying at home rather than risk going to school or work.

The Pineapple Express storm is a very large one, whose affects will be felt for likely several days. A very strong current that extends all the way from Hawaii to the Pacific Coast brought with it warm air and water with it, in the form of downpours of rain and snow in higher elevations.

Authorities in Sonoma county have recommended, though have not made mandatory, that people who live in low lying areas around the Russian River evacuate their homes. The recommendation applies to residents of approximately 300 homes.

The Pineapple Express storm is still ongoing, now hitting areas of Southern California. Emergency officials there are concerned that the wildfire prone region might now also suffer from mudslides as a result of the heavy rains that the storm that hit California has brought to the state.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by Frédéric Poirot – Flickr License

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