Castle: Bad Santa You Cannot Keep a Good Castle Down (Review)



So this week’s Castle episode, which is apparently a combination mid season finale and Christmas show, ends on a downer but it seems that you cannot keep a good Castle down. This statement could be confusing but if fans of the series hang on to see the previews of the next episode, Rick manages to get around the latest bad news to hit season 7. This latest season has been one of those years where it seems a lot of negative events have plagued the newlyweds, and before their marriage, the engaged couple. Season 6 ended with the possible death of the writer and 7 opened with him missing and Kate fretting and searching.

Last night’s episode had a mob doctor “getting whacked” with extreme prejudice. So extreme that the deceased was blasted through a Christmas decorated store window. This week’s bigger subplot dealt with Lanie asking Javi to lie to her parents who are in town for a drop by visit. Lanie explains that she lied to her folks since they kept nagging her about her marital status and told them that she and Esposito were engaged. Javi agrees and this portion of the show proves that the two are still a couple of sorts and that they really do not see themselves as potential married partners, just “really good together.”

The other underlying thread in the Castle:Bad Santa, deals with a Castle Christmas tradition that centers around a poem, that must rhyme, about the prior year’s events, good and bad. Kate is a bit down about the whole thing as Rick tells her she cannot do a haiku instead. Admittedly this is a pretty good underlying plot point as it does focus on newlyweds not telling each other things and forgetting that old traditions are not automatically picked up after marriage.

Meanwhile the couple, along with Javi and Ryan, follow leads on the dead doctor and find that there is apparently another dead victim. Rick goes to an old mafia friend to help with the investigation and gets placed under the mob code of “omerta” which entails a miniature blood brother rite. Castle ends up helping mobster Dino Scarpella and when he reveals that Dino’s daughter is a suspect, the mob boss starts to shoot the writer. Jane Scarpella comes in and saves Rick’s life.

Bad Santa then turns into a variation of Romeo and Juliet without the underage lovers part. Two houses, disapproval of the families, it all pretty much follows Shakespeare’s star crossed teen lovers but with mafia offspring in their mid twenties. The second victim, who the police believe Jane killed, is in fact her lover Luca Tessaro who is very much alive. Scarpella swears that if the Tessaro family killed the doctor and Luca, who is still thought dead at this point, there will be a war.

A little later, Rick and Kate find Luca alive and Jane talks her lover into letting the newlyweds help them out. Armed with new information, Castle and Beckett track down who the real killer is, a RICO cop who decides to play dirty and make some money. When the identity of the killer is found out, Scarpella apparently learns about it and shoots the crooked cop as he is being lead away in handcuffs. Captain Gates comes up to tell Rick that as he is connected to the mob family, the mayor and the DA have rescinded his authorization to work with Kate and the NYPD.

Despite Castle: Bad Santa being the Christmas episode of the series, it ends on a bit of a downer. But Richard goes on to prove that you cannot keep a good Castle down, as the previews of the upcoming episode shows that the writer does a “work around” and becomes a private eye. In the clip he says that he applied over the Internet. On a high note, Kate finishes her poem. This move to get Castle out of the police station after marrying Kate is a good one. At this point the series needs help to keep the storylines fresh and having Rick become a private investigator is just brilliant. It allows him to still be involved with his friends, and wife, at the station and gives the character more freedom. Rock on 2015 and the rest of season 7 of Castle.

By Michael Smith