CBS Involved in Another Workplace Injury Lawsuit

CBS has become involved in another lawsuit regarding a workplace injury, this time regarding an alleged incident that occurred on the set of the former Western Crime drama Vegas, which ran on the network for one season between 2012-2013. A woman is suing the show’s equipment manufacturer, claiming that she became involved in a horrific accident while working on the set as a dolly grip.

Andrea Krout has launched a full out legal war against CBS’s crane distributor/manufacturer, a companies which go by the names of Technovision and Crane Shot. She claims that, during her time as a dolly grip, one of the on-set cranes suffered an extremely serious malfunction that led to her thumb being crushed and subsequently nearly torn off as a result. She blames both companies for their alleged faulty equipment, and is demanding that the production network pick up the bill for her medical expenses she incurred following the injury, as well as compensate her for the suffering she experienced due to the accident overall.

This is the second lawsuit in three months that the CBS has been subject to. Back at the end of September, the network suffered a $10.4 millon loss regarding a court case involving a security guard who had been killed on the set of smash crime drama NCIS. The family of the fallen worker won their case hands down, as the network was quick to assume responsbility for what had gone down that fateful day.

Julio Villamariona, 52, died after being hit by a CBS production van that had been transporting various NCIS crew members across a lot. The van spun out of control after the driver suffered a medical emergency and as such was unable to control the vehicle any longer, leading to the aforementioned striking of Villamariona. The man was not pronounced dead at the scene, but succumbed to his injuries on route to the hospital. His wife and three adult children sued the company for negligence, something that honchos did not hesitate in admitting was indeed the case.

During the court case in question, CBS admitted that the driver of the van was inflicted with a medical condition that they should have made themselves aware of prior to hiring him and allowing him to drive said vehicle on a regular basis, a background check they for whatever reason did not get around to performing. Because network executives were open about their role in the accident from the start, the trial itself really just came down to how much the family would receive in damages for the loss of Villamariona’s life. Upon the closing of the case, the family’s lawyer issued a statement in which he conveyed how proud he was of the man’s widow and children for choosing to stand up to such a power entity as CBS.

It remains to be seen what will come of this most recent lawsuit against CBS, regarding a woman who claims her thumb as almost amputated as result of a faulty crane mechanism. Further information on the case has yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

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