Chris Pine Regrets ‘Jack Ryan’ Movie

Chris Pine is now expressing his regret over not getting the newest Jack Ryan movie right. In January 2014 the latest incarnation of Jack Ryan was released in theaters to less than stellar box office results. In the United States alone the film only grossed about $50.6 million which did not even hit the estimated production budget of $60 million which was a relatively low-budget. Pine is the fourth actor to play the title character of Jack Ryan. The previous actors to portray Ryan on the big screen were Ben Affleck, Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford.

When Pine was asked about a potential sequel to Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, the actor said that he did not believe that the movie had made enough money to garner support for a sequel with him in the title role once more. The movie opened to a dismal $15.6 million and a worldwide earning total of approximately $135.5 million. The conversation about the Jack Ryan movie with Pine came after a discussion about his latest role in the musical Into the Woods, the conversation also included the topic of the next Star Trek movie and the actor’s latest comedic roles.

During the interview with Moviefone, the actor talks about stretching his wings and adding comedy to his resume. In that regard the actor can be seen in Horrible Bosses 2 and even in the latest movie Into the Woods. In the new musical, Pine plays the character of Prince Charming and can be seen as a less than charming individual. The actor even says that it was the prince’s two dimensionality that attracted him to the character.

As the interview continued, Pine says that his real regret in regards to the Jack Ryan movie earlier this year was that they were unable to get it right. The movie was directed by Kenneth Branagh and was a reboot of the character. Previous movies featuring the character of Jack Ryan include The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games and The Sum of All Fears.

While Pine and Branagh’s version of Jack Ryan was not a box office success, the actor still has a number of other projects to look forward to as well as a number of current successes. There is still a third Star Trek movie to come with filming scheduled to start in 2015, although the actor has not yet read a script for that particular film. In the meantime the actor also has Horrible Bosses 2 and Into the Woods in the theaters showcasing his acting talents.

Although Pine is expressing his regret that the latest Jack Ryan movie was not done correctly he is hopeful that the spy thriller will get a new life. The actor said his hope is that the character will get a fifth life and a new chance on the big screen. His belief is that this is an excellent franchise that still deserves another chance even if he is not part of the project. Pine said that he enjoyed the spy genre and hopes that Jack Ryan gets another chance with a great script.

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