Paul Rudd Set to Return to ‘Parks and Rec’ Final Season This January

Veteran actor Paul Rudd is set to reprise his role in the hit NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, with the new season airing this January. The 45-year-old will return to his role as Bobby Newport, the heir to the candy empire Sweetums.

The New Jersey native made his first appearance in P&R back in the show’s fourth season, which aired from 2011-2012. He played the political arch-enemy of lead character Leslie Knope (played by Golden Globe winner Amy Poehler), who has her heart set out on city council only find her path blocked by a rather simple man whose only in with the people is that his family owns a beloved candy company. One of the sacrifices Knope has to make in order to win her campaign and defeat the dimwitted character played by Rudd is end her longterm relationship with Ben Wyatt (played by Adam Scott), in order to better cut out all signs of distraction or favoritism from her life. After struggling in vain to stay apart for the greater good, the pair reunite after Wyatt sacrifices his political career for his love interest’s, something that in turn leads to Knope’s campaign team to back out and leave her to fend her own battle against Rudd’s character Bobby Newport.

Knope’s trusty Pawnee crew step up in her campaign team’s absence to hep her defeat the political nemesis played by Rudd. After a whirlwind of dramatic and comical tailspins throughout the season, it ends with Knope seemingly losing the election to Rudd’s character Bobby Newport, much to her and her team’s dismay. However, after a carefully launched recount, it turns out that she is indeed the winner and subsequently is elected to Pawnee city council after all, a celebration that is cut somewhat short when Wyatt announces he has been offered a somewhat more significant job in Washington.

Rudd’s character in Parks and Rec is by far viewed as a fan favorite, with adorers of the series praising his comical ability and the level at which he brought a new spark back to the NBC series after a season or two of less than stellar reviews and multiple cast change-ups. Most viewers are ecstatic at the news that Bobby Newport is being brought back to go another round with Leslie Knope, although some feel as though that storyline is done with and therefore any further rehashing of it will do nothing more than make a show of how stale the series has gotten over the years.

The upcoming season of P&R will be its last. NBC did also not order a full season like usual; rather, network honchos chose to order a mere 13 episodes of the hit comedy rather than the traditional 22-24, ie. they brought in what is called a ‘half season’, something that is normally ordered for a shows final run.

It remains to be seen how the public will view Paul Rudd’s final part in the upcoming last season of NBC’s hit comedy¬†Parks & Recreation.¬†The new season airs on the network on January 13, 2015.

By Rebecca Grace

Hindustan Times
Entertainment Weekly
Photo by 92YTribeca – Flickr License

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