Christmas Cheer Spread in the Most Unusual Way [Video]

Christmas is just around the corner and spreading holiday cheer can be seen all over the world, but none so unusual as a grocery store in Germany. Most people at this time of year revel in the holiday lights, and swarms of videos are shared of the tech savvy, setting those house lights to music. The world seems just a little brighter, and many get more optimistic, while others are saddened by the holidays for one reason or another.

Christmas is a time for family and presents to show those we love, just how much we think of them year round. Families gather at the table to share a feast, and talk, really talk without the interruption of cell phones. Hot chocolate, fires in the fireplace, and the magic of winter changing our surroundings into a wonderland. Those blessed with much give to those that have barely enough to survive and those that just get by give to those in need because they know how hard it is to make things work. It is a season of giving and one can only hope that one day people will think of others in need year round and not just at Christmas time.

The magic of Christmas as seen through the eyes of a child is magical indeed, and it is a time that many families work together to make the perfect snowman, find a bigger hill for sledding or to make those special Santa cookies. Parents become children at heart, as they hide the elf on the shelf in new an inventive places, waiting for that surprised delight as their child finds him. Decorating, hanging stockings and putting together toys for Christmas day, there are so many traditions that vary from family to family, and love is felt in every special ornament that is pulled from the box and hung on the tree.

It is common to have Holiday spirit in the home, but much more rare to find something that makes you smile, really smile, outside of the warmth and comfort of home. Most stores decorate, however, as Christmas draws near it seems that cheerful smiles are seen less, as the stress of creating and conducting this magical day takes its toll. What one store does, not only turns those frowns upside down, but puts the spirit of Christmas back into all of the shoppers lucky enough to be a part of a wonderful transformation. A grocery store turns its checkout lanes into a stage where shoppers are surprised with an impromptu rendition of a favorite song, by none other than the cashiers themselves.

Giving back does not always mean the giving of gifts, but can simply be the giving of ones self. Time and a little practice elevates these cashiers into a symphony of music, and those beeps that signify the running up of your grocery bill, takes on a new meaning all together. One will look differently at the local grocery store cashier after seeing and thus becoming a part of this epic Christmas gift of music.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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2 Responses to "Christmas Cheer Spread in the Most Unusual Way [Video]"

  1. Fern Remedi-Brown   December 11, 2014 at 7:54 am

    What an uplifting video! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing that, Kristi. That’s sure to put sparkle back into our hearts, even if we are feeling sad at this holiday time, for whatever reason. I could see the light in people’s eyes as they watched the cashiers. The child in the video looked especially mesmerized 🙂

  2. marco j smitty   December 10, 2014 at 9:55 am

    why can,t we all just get along like god wanted us to do?


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