Christmas Love Is Possible With an STD

Christmas Love Is Possible With an STD

Christmas is traditionally a holiday filled with excitement and expectation for families and friends. However, this is not always the case especially for those who are looking for love. Often it can be one of the loneliest seasons of the year when others are busy with their significant others, traveling and gatherings.

This can be especially true for those living with an STD. Many times they have been isolated by their family and friends after receiving a positive diagnosis. For many of them, one of their biggest wishes for Christmas, after staying healthy, is to simply find love. However, it is not a simple feat at all, not even for people who are STD free so one can image how difficult it must be for those who are HIV positive.

With the creation of it is easier for singles with an STD to connect with others in a judgment-free zone to find love and make friends. This site is filled with compassionate, experienced and caring people who understand how empty the holidays can be. The difference with this group of people is they all have some type of STD and are willing to share their fears, concerns and testimonials. A staff member of the positive singles community said:

Everyone has their own wishes for Christmas. Although we may not be able to make all of our members’ wishes come true, we do our best to help them find their match by providing better service and more opportunities than the average dating site. Many members are on their way to making their number one wish come true just by being an active member of With so many members from around the world to choose from, they will surely find a match in no time.

Whether the Christmas wish is love, laughter or a serious relationship, members of this community are ready with a warm welcome. Not only do they have a positive diagnosis but many have learned to manage their disease and have gained a positive outlook on life. There are no limits to what one can do on the site such as blog, share live chats, utilize educational tools, find local outings, friends, love and ultimately a sense of family.

Although this is not the case with everyone on the site, many of the members have no loved ones to celebrate Christmas with and they opt to spend it virtually with one another. An illness such as an STD can keep people left out of Christmas celebrations and isolated from the rest of the world, but they still need love and support. offers a supportive and loving community for those that have been shunned by others who are not accepting of a sexually transmitted disease. One member having recently been diagnosed with an STD said:

This is my first Christmas since I was gifted by someone who decided not to disclose his secret to me. It is also my first Christmas since my dad passed away, so I decided to try meeting new people to lift my spirits.

Another member who understands how she feels offered this encouraging response:

It is a good idea to try to reach out and talk to someone. You should try logging into the Chat, someone might see you and initiate a conversation with you. Alone is not good during the Holidays. It is good you have this site to browse forums and since the blogs are more active you might like to see how everyone is doing and perhaps join in the conversation, say hello or blog your own conversation. You will be able to get some things off your mind, vent, or just introduce yourself where you’ll not be ignored. I hope you find your spirits lifted and the support you need just an email away.

Once a person finds out they have tested positive for a STD their love life does not have to end. has provided several testimonials for people dating with HIV, herpes and other STDS. This site has been branded as the largest, trustworthy  and totally anonymous online dating site for singles with different STDs. PositiveSingles has members around the globe, in the United States, Australia, Canada, UK, and Europe. is an elite community of singles who have tested positive for an STD. This site not only offers people the ability to meet new friends, partners and potential spouses but they can also find information about STDs and medical treatments. This online group of people cares very much about privacy. No one is mandated to submit any information they are not absolutely comfortable with. All information remains anonymous until the user is ready to share their experience and take things further. PositiveSingles is open to anyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race or religion.

Having an STD might cause some people to find themselves alone for Christmas, but this does not mean they have to be lonely. Just as many people find themselves online in some capacity, more often than not – even when in a crowd, those who have been diagnosed with an STD can join the online celebration which starts and never stops on the largest STD dating platform.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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