Creed’s Scott Stapp Threatens to Assassinate Obama, Loses Custody of Kids

Scott Stapp, lead singer of former popular 90’s alt rock band Creed, has recently been stripped of the rights to custody of his children. The move to ban him from having any custody came after it was revealed that he threatened to assassinate the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, and was reportedly on his way to take action when his wife frantically called 911 to alert them of the situation.

A few days ago, a Florida judge made the executive decision to revoke the singer’s rights to both any kind of physical and legal custody of his three children, choosing to award said rights 100 percent to his wife Jaclyn. It is not yet known whether or not the 41-year-old even has visitation rights for the kids, although most signs regarding this are pointing to no as of right now due to Stapp’s continuous public struggles with stability and alleged drug addiction. He is also not allowed to take up residence in the family home for any reason, as it is reserved solely for his estranged wife and children.

Said decision was made by the judge after reports had been released detailing Stapp’s supposed mission to kill the nation’s leader, one which he reportedly embarked on upon his going missing from a mental health facility sometime last month. Shortly following said escape, the singer’s sister-in-law made a frantic phone call to emergency services in which she detailed her relative’s bizarre behavior, a report which contained her allegations that Stapp was cruising a nearby neighborhood shirtless on a bicycle, claiming to be an ex-CIA agent and adamantly describing his desire to end the president’s existence. She also claimed that the Orlando native was in possession of approximately 400 to 600 pages of government documents, which he claimed he had come into discovery of via online services, that he was keeping in a book bag that attached to his person while he was on said method of transportation.

The phone call is said to have lasted around 40 minutes, and the aforementioned sister-in-law was accompanied by Stapp’s wife in her efforts to stop the man from going any further with his alleged plans to attempt the taking of Obama’s life. The pair pleaded with dispatchers to locate the man immediately and subsequently put him under an additional 5150 hold, returning him safely to the previous facility in order to better examine his mental state and decide what to do about it.

At roughly the same time in which officers were dispatched to the location in question, Stapp placed his own emergency call in which he accused Jaclyn of stealing his truck and subsequently forcing him to make his way around the area on his bicycle. The 911 alert in question detailed the singer’s claims that the woman blackmailed him, vowing to ruin his career if he decided to inform the police of her actions. This call was one of many in the past month, each other more alarming than the last. Stapp called emergency services a total of four times, begging dispatchers to assist him regarding the alleged 15 vehicles that were tailing him and multiple individuals on a mission to effectively end his life.

It remains to be seen whether or not Scott Stapp will regain access to his children. As of right now, however, the judge’s decision remains in force and the singer is not allowed to be in any significant contact with them.

By Rebecca Grace

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