Dedza Bus Accident Kills 7


A bus accident in Dedza, Malawi has thus far seen a casualty count of seven killed and at least six injured. Several of those injuries are very serious, and their conditions are being monitored at the District hospital. The bus collided with a freight truck from Mozambique, headed in the other direction on the M1 road. The accident happened in front of a secondary school for girls. A spokesman for the local police in Dedza, Sergeant Edward Kabango, gave an initial report to the media.

The bus was headed from Blantyre to Lilongwe and the accident occurred when the truck left its lane unexpectedly into the lane the bus was driving in. The driver of the bus, named Constance Nkhata, was one of the seven people who died in the crash. The driver of the truck, Gabriel Kalemba, suffered serious injuries for which he is currently being treated. Authorities are investigating the cause of the accident to determine whether charges are appropriate against Kalemba.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of NicholBrummer  – Flickr License

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