Demi Lovato Talks Eating Disorder and Rehab


LovatoDemi Lovato has always been open and willing to talk about her eating disorder and her past experience with rehab. In a new interview with Fitness Magazine the 22-year-old once more opens up about her past difficulties and how she has come to accept her own imperfections. Lovato is hoping that by discussing her own struggles it will help other women to acknowledge when they have a problem and seek help. She has even admitted that she almost ended up back in rehab over the 2013 summer but that her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama helped her in dealing with her eating disorder.

In 2011, the former Disney star checked into rehab after battling years of bulimia, addiction and self-harm. It was then that she was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In the interview with Fitness, she said that she had to make the choice of whether to continue to hide what had been happening or facing the truth and sharing with the world. Lovato said she was tired of hiding and decided to be open about what she had been struggling with as part of her effort to heal herself.

Lovato told Fitness that changing her lifestyle was the key to battling her eating disorder, staying out of rehab and dealing with all of the stresses and health issues she has faced. She told the magazine that she had started exercising and had changed her diet as part of her changed lifestyle. Another aspect of a healthier way of life for the singer was learning to embrace her curves.

As part of changing her lifestyle, Lovato credits boyfriend Valderrama for his calling her out on how she was both terrified and obsessed with food. She said it was a relief because she was tired of being afraid of not only overeating but also of food in general. At the time she said she was not sure why she was doing these things. Now she says she is healthier and practices portion control with her meals. Lovato feels that because her boyfriend is supportive and she has distanced herself from certain people in her life, she feels more comfortable with herself and her curves. She now says she would rather be healthy and strong than fit into what society holds to be perfect and be miserable.

Lovato may have had her struggles with her eating disorder and being in rehab but her new outlook on life has helped to propel her career forward. The singer’s latest Really Don’t Care has been officially certified as platinum, she is the new face of the Skechers brand, she is on a world tour, she has a skincare line called Devonne by Demi and has even become the global brand ambassador for NYC New York Color. Proceeds from her skincare line go to the Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program, which is a program that helps women that are struggling with mental-health issues as well as addiction cover expenses. During her concerts she pauses to share personal stories of her struggles and said that she hopes that can help inspire others. Lovato said that she does not want her past to define her and that she is excited to be looking towards the future and living in the present.

By Kimberley Spinney


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