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Detroit Boy Shot and Killed in Home



A 9-year-old boy in Detroit was found shot and killed by his stepfather in his home in what is presumed at the moment to be an accidental shooting. According to Steve Dolunt, Assistant Police Chief, the boy was shot in the face in a home near Britain on Roxbury Street on the East side of Detroit. There were four kids in the house, teenagers and younger children, and the boy’s stepfather had left the house at the time of the incident. The child was taken to St. John Hospital but did not survive, and was pronounced dead there.

Police say that the shooting appeared to be an accident, but no details about whether the boy shot himself or was shot by one of his cousins have yet been released. It is not yet known where the gun came from, or whether it was registered to the stepfather or anyone else. The boy was shot once, in the face. Further details are expected as the investigation into the tragedy continues.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Don Harder – Flickr License