Detroit Experiences Massive Cable Failure


On Tuesday morning the city of Detroit, Michigan experienced a massive power outage due to a cable failure which shut down the grid around 10:30 a.m. This power outage strongly effected the city as it took out power to at least 100 locations, blacking out hospitals, schools, fire stations, police stations, and even downtown area buildings such as the Wayne County Jail, the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, and the Joe Louis Arena. In addition to buildings being blacked out, the power outage also effected traffic signals and shut down elevators, where people were trapped inside until rescue.

Though the official cause of the black out has not yet been determined, officials in Detroit worked all morning to help people through the situation, as traffic was stalled and business people could not work efficiently.  The city stated that they had isolated the area of the grid that was causing the black out and could work on restoring power. Statements made by a DTE Energy Co. spokesperson reflected that it is too early to determine exactly what caused the blackout.

Students were released from schools in the effected areas,which according to sources, was all but two schools in the Detroit area. Even some higher education was effected as students were released from attending college courses, such as the release from some classes at Wayne State University, which also experienced some difficulty from the massive cable failure in Detroit.

According to the City of Detroit, the major cable failure came as a result of a grid shut down in the Public Lighting Department, which they believe officially affected over 100 customers. However, statements made by news sources reflect that a larger number of locations may have been effected and were without electricity until the power was restored around 4 p.m. Citizens of Detroit made statements regarding the fact that they knew that city officials were working on restoring power, as they stated that the lights kept coming on and going back off, or flickering at the end of the power outage that lasted almost 7 hours.

Though not all locations have electricity again, the city is working slowly on restoring full power so that all locations have it. City officials are also expected to have a conference with DTE Energy Co. officials in order to discuss the matter and release more information to the public on why this happened.

Reports confirm that all patients at the hospitals remained safe, as well as all of the citizens who were trapped in elevators or stuck in dangerous traffic situations with no lights. Reports also confirm that everyone in the justice buildings downtown also remain safe, though all trials were put on hold and the courthouse buildings are supposedly going to remain closed for the rest of Tuesday, but will be reopening on Wednesday.

The Detroit News reports that the city could possibly experience outages in the future due to the cities’ electric company bankruptcy that is transferring residents of the city from Detroit electricity to the company DTE Energy Co. According to the reporter Detroit officials were in the process of transitioning customers, expecting DTE to host a large load of customers in the future, as far as their electric needs.

As officials continue to work on the massive power outage that was experienced by Detroit residents on Tuesday, residents can be assured that the matter is being taken care of. Residents can also expect the official statement on the matter to come out, after the conference between officials. With residents no longer in the dark, business can be assumed as usual, as the city is back to normal.

By Crystal Boulware


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Image by Kevin O’Mara Creativecommons Flickr License

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