‘Sleepy Hollow’ Mid Season Finale Twist (Review)

sleepy hollow

sleepy hollow

Tis the season of the mid season finale and Sleepy Hollow has given its fans a two parter with a splendid twist and the death of a character. It does feel a little like the show is suffering from The Walking Dead disease of exterminating a favorite character, but in this Fox series they have chosen to take out a member of the cast who has had little to do this season. This quirky show does not have quite the same emotional impact on its viewers that TWD does though, it does have a much more comic feel to it and dead does not mean quite the same thing in this verse. But comedy first…

A good example of the humor quotient is at the very beginning of the episode were Ichabod nervously asks Lt. Mills how to “buckle up,” twice, when they mount a motorbike to head to their destination. He clearly is not comfortable on this new mode of transport. However, once they finish their bike ride, Crane says very excitedly that, “I want one of these as soon as this is over!” Not a surprising scene in this adventure/fantasy/drama as the show has always had more than its fair share of humor.

All the show’s cast manage to walk the fine line between fantastical plot devices and a good dose of comedic slants throughout the show. The two elements, drama and comedy, mix pretty seamlessly and watching the series of Sleepy Hollow it is not too difficult to imagine that the actors working on the show must have a good time while doing so. While the mid season finale may have an impressive twist and the death of a prominent character, there are still those odd moments of humor that help keep the show from getting too heavy.

Of course one actor on the show may have been a little less than pleased with the episode on Monday. Orlando Jones, as Captain Frank Irving shuffles off this mortal coil after dispatching a horseman. This is, however, the verse of Ichabod Crane and his world in and around Sleepy Hollow. Death does not mean the end of a character, so Jones may appear again as the dead Capt. Frank. Look at the characters Andy Brooks and Sheriff August Corbin, aka John Cho and Clancy Brown. These two men of the law were killed off and both returned later to interact with Abbie Mills in Purgatory, and will most likely show up again. One of the benefits of Sleepy Hollow being a fantasy.

As far as plot twists go, while the end of The Akeda was not quite an O. Henry type of surprise (O. Henry was an American writer, real name William Sydney Porter, who specialized in clever, unexpected twist endings to his tales.) it was good enough to make a few viewers nod their heads and mutter about Katrina being right all along that Henry Parrish was not as rotten as everyone else thought he was. Although come to think of it, this may mean it was not a real twist at all. Sleepy Hollow finished with the Crane’s immortal son shoving the sword of Methuselah through Moloc like a hot knife through butter.

It was a little surprising to see the man finally respond to all that optimistic love and turn on the object of his former devotion at the end. Sleepy Hollow and its mid season finale had a pretty satisfying twist but like the death of Orlando Jones’ captain, John Noble’s Henry Parrish could still have something up his dastardly sleeve. It does seem a little suspicious that at the time of year where love and understanding towards one’s family is celebrated globally, that this evil immortal chose to reciprocate his family’s love. When the show returns next year do not be surprised if this was all a trick from Crane’s sin eater offspring.

By Michael Smith




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