Doctor Who Star Jenna Coleman Definitely Not Leaving

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Despite the rumors, Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman is definitely not leaving. She will return as The Doctor’s assistant, Clara Oswold, in the next series of the show. Many wondered after the way the Christmas special of the show ended.

The Christmas special had a very Inception-like feel, introducing dreams within dreams. The ended with the tangerine on the windowsill even had that feel of are they still in a dream or not? There was also something Supernatural about it with the introduction of creatures pulling individuals into dream-like states. It did end with Coleman’s character rejoining The Doctor after finally admitting that lover Danny Pink really was dead and not coming back.

The end of the last season of the show raised questions over whether Coleman was going to leave the role for good. Nobody answered the rumors, making many wonder if Peter Capaldi’s The Doctor would end up finding someone else to travel with for at least one season. However, Coleman announced that there were still storylines unresolved. There was a relationship with this new Doctor still unresolved, and she could not leave with it all being like that. Coleman is definitely not leaving Doctor Who yet.

Capaldi released a statement to say that he was happy with his co-star’s decision. The two have gotten on very well while filming, and he wanted to continue that relationship.

Keeping Coleman for another season, at least, has certainly been possible due to the introduction of the 12th Doctor. The character Clara had become comfortable with Matt Smith’s Doctor. It was like she could guess his actions long before he had decided on them. However, the new Doctor brings a new dynamic and a new relationship. Clara is certainly not the first assistant to find that dynamics change with a change of face. Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler found something similar when Christopher Eccleston stepped down and David Tennant took the place as the 10th Doctor.

Doctor Who is arguably a favorite for many due to the relationships between assistants and The Doctor. There is always something different, whether the assistants have a love interest or just view The Doctor as a friend and colleague. However, not all assistants are well-liked.

Coleman’s character on Doctor Who has been one that has split fans down the middle. Some love her, while others have a loud opposition to her. The writers have tried to make her more likable, but in some cases have failed. It was due to this that many wondered whether Coleman would leave and allow writers to introduce a new character.

However, Coleman says that she will stick around until her storyline with The Doctor has been resolved. This could take some time, and she may never really be gone. The actress made her debut in the show as a variation of her character in Asylum of the Daleks, where she turned out to be a Dalek. She then appeared in the 2012 Christmas special, The Snowmen. It brought in the “Impossible Girl” storyline, which has never really fully been resolved. Coleman is definitely not leaving Doctor Who until that happens if she has anything to say about it.

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