Top 10 Video Games of the Year 2014 Part Two


2014 was a year of many video games, some good, some bad and some excellent. As the list continues it reveals that many different genres emerged over the last twelve months. Oddly enough, console exclusive games have become less ubiquitous as all companies simply try to keep the industry and themselves alive. Without further ado, part two.

7) Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor – Ps4, Xbox One

Finally, how long has it been since a great Lord of the Rings game? Taking on the role of Talion, players experience the open world of Mordor as they sneak, stab, and slaughter their way across the land in the name of revenge. The game does a fair job of trying to make a story that feels authentic with the movies and has Troy Baker lend his body and voice to the role of Talion.

The real greatness stems for the gameplay, which is a sort of Assassin’s Creed / Batman mixture loaded with the ability to choose upgrades or servants. This makes each encounter important in whichever way the player decides. The interaction with the orc army gives a lot of personality to the usually lesser explored villains and the dark side of Mordor as a whole. It needs to be noted that this game is also on the Xbox 360 and Ps3, but is not recommended on either due to how choppy they can get.

6) South Park: The Stick of Truth – PC, Ps3, Xbox 360
South park has had a number of different iterations in video games throughout the years. However, The Stick of Truth has to be the most accurate and detailed rendition of the city of South Park. Players have the ability to walk around and explore City Hall, Tweek Bros., City Wok, and essentially every house in town. The writing is hilarious and makes excellent use of the silent protagonist in a way almost no other games do.

Combat does not seem as full-fledged as other turn-based strategy games, until the game really gets going and reveals all of the different statuses and other incorporations they add into the system. Players will likely find some way of approaching combat that is a new experience they can enjoy. Different characters have their own moves, and the summons are as powerful as they are entertaining.

Although the game is not very long and is in dire need of more post-game content, it is still a bold and hilarious experience few other games try to match. After all, what other game has a quick time event of dodging a man’s genitals? Due to aspects like that though, the game has suffered some rather unfortunate censoring in certain places, Australia was one of them.

5) Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

The third generation of Pokemon gets a gorgeous remake. Experience the Hoenn region as never been seen, from the sky. With the addition of the Eon Flute players can summon Latias or Latios to soar above the clouds and view the region as a whole.

This generation originally brought new spices into the series, such as contests, double battles and even abilities. Real time is represented in the game for certain aspects such as berry growth. Many of the small details in the game make transform the region into a more full-fledged pokemon immersion. An excellent pokemon game for both veterans and newcomers.

The incorporation of the new DexNav (as well as other Navs) adds the an extra level of depth that feels so natural it is a wonder it took this long to appear. The DexNav reveals what pokemon are in each area, as the players encounter the same pokemon more, it’s search level increases, the higher the search level, the higher potential it has for better stats, abilities and egg moves. Throw in the detecting of and sneaking up on pokemon (along with grass formation that makes it possible), and trainers catching more of what they want, with what they want. Additionally, DexNav also makes chaining for shiny pokemon even easier.

By Garrett Jutte
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  1. Fabian Castro   December 31, 2014 at 7:58 am

    Oh nooooooooooooo……………… I love South Park: The Stick of Truth that is on serial 6!!!!!!!! how is it possible. i’m filling sad……….

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