Top 10 Video Games of the Year 2014 Part One


An incredible year for video games as a whole, 2014 saw Nintendo come back into strength as Sony and Microsoft battled it out for console supremacy. With great games across all platforms, summarizing a year’s worth of gaming into a singular list comes with great difficulty. In order to qualify for this list, each game must have come out (in North America) during 2014. Additionally, any remasters, collections, and expansions are void of this list. What made the list and what did not? Time to find out.

10) Dragon Age: Inquisition – PC, Ps3, Ps4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
The third game in the series. As such it is more obvious in its plot and giant scale. Some decisions from previous games carry over, as expected. This title in the series features more exploration, tactical camera, and so much to do that hitting the 100 hour mark simply means there is still more to do.

Since it is made by Bioware, it is not surprising that the title feels like a fantasy reflection of the Mass Effect series. Dialogue and personal interaction are a major factor of gameplay as it can vastly change what does and does not happen. Combat feels similar to the first two games, yet different enough to vary the experience, and the spells and abilities looks spectacular.

Most of the problems that drag the experience down are small, but there are a lot, such as the lack of a storage box, unhelpful menus, audio bugs and almost useless weapon upgrades. Overall, the game is still gargantuan in content and adventure offered. Dragon Age: Inquisition is one role-playing fantasy experience that does not falter in scale.

9) Destiny – Ps3, Ps4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Bungie’s long awaited follow-up to the Halo series. A rather impressive MMO first-person-shooter set in space. The multiplayer aspect is constant, it is not even possible to play the game offline. Calling to shooter fans across all platforms, Destiny brings people together for a sci-fi journey into the stars.

Three different classes can be picked, each with a separate sub class that can be selected later. Each class offers multiple abilities and different stats to individualize the character experience. Different ships and shaders can also be obtained for more personalization.

Ultimately, Destiny looks amazing, the planets are varied and gorgeous, and gameplay is infectious. Whether it is tackling a raid with friends, discovering the story across planets, or going head-to-head in multiplayer deathmatch, Destiny has quite a lot of space shooting multiplayer content to offer. It is not quite the be-all-end-all experience Bungie wanted, but it is still a great shooter.

8) Bravely Default – 3DS

The return of the JRPG that nobody expected. Square Enix released the game in Japan back in 2012, but North America did not get it until early 2014. Harkening back to the days of crystals and villains, Bravely Default guides young simpleton Tiz into the presence of Agnès the Wind Vessel, after the Great Chasm destroys his town. The two team up another unlikely couple and attempt the impossible.

Combat feels reminiscent of older Final Fantasy games, as battles are turn-based. Incorporated within is a job class system; each character can have one job while equipping previously learned traits and abilities from other jobs. The result is a party of highly customized warriors that can adapt with the player. The game also makes use of Streetpass to add more possibilities for characters and things for the player to do. Rarely do 3DS games make such good use of Streetpass

In order to spice up the old school formula, is the brave system, which allows characters to gain or lose additional turns. Combined with the option to repeat actions and even speed up combat, Bravely Default shines and falters in its own right. Unfortunately, the later chapters are what is holding this game back from a much higher spot on the list. Additionally, the game has an extraordinary soundtrack.

By Garrett Jutte

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Photo by NewGameNetwork – Flickr Licence

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