Dragon Age Inquisition Newest Update Details and PC Problems

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Dragon Age: Inquisition recently received an update, patch 2, for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PC. Upon its release the title had quite a lot of bugs, some of which have been dealt with already. Patch 2 aimed to fix more of these issues, but ended causing a very odd thing to happen to some PC players.

Dragon Age Inquisition is the third game in the series and was released November 18 in North America. Despite having some issues, the game was very well received, obtaining excellent ratings from many critics. However, a few issues bothered gamers, while others made it difficult to continue the game. BioWare released what many of these issues were and aimed to fix them, however, in doing so it was discovered that in some cases characters on the PC looked very different, much older. Additionally, attacks that have ice effects are losing the ice animation.

The patch mostly focuses on single player, as it has tons of bugs, but the multiplayer also saw some tweaks. For some reason, the character options on the PC became altered, removing scars, reducing freckles and in some cases, aging the character significantly. Seeing how much of a problem this is, Bioware released a workaround via their official forum. The process involves the addition of a new command line parameter however, the parameter will need to be removed before the next patch to ensure that it will work properly.

Many of the fixes happened across all platforms. Rapid fire, here are a some of the fixes. The game not longer mistakes characters for having more than one class, gender, or race. Highlighted items now appear on the radar. Problems with followers floating above the ground have been resolved. Rag doll issues no longer occur when the game is paused. Crippling blows do 15 percent bonus damage instead of .15 percent. Issues with getting stuck on the “Connecting to Dragon Age Servers” screen have also been addressed.

Many of the issues with conversations have been addressed, such as the lines taking too long, the indicator becoming lost, and the game crashing. Character portraits displaying incorrect mana or stamina have been fixed. In some cases the rumble feature would become disabled permanently. Both problems with the UI and camera shaking have been dealt with as well. Other camera issues such as losing control of a party member when he or she enters tactical camera during cinematic triggers was fixed and target lock being cleared when entering tactical mode was resolved.

These are the not so fun fixes. Spirit Blade no longer triggers combos. Certain bosses are no longer affected by Disruption Field. The exploit where characters would take no damage has also been removed.

Patch 2 aimed to fix bugs in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and it did take care of a lot of them, but it created more on the PC. The new character aging problem only occurs on the PC. Patch 2 was released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more details about the new Dragon Age: Inquisition patch visit the BioWare link below.
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  1. Shelly   December 14, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    Unfortunately, this didn’t fix the one glitch I wanted most to go away – a companion quest of Dorian’s not triggering! I’ll just have to keep playing the waiting game until the next patch.


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