England Man Returns Home After Cleared of Murder by South Africa Court


In England, a man has returned home to Bristol after a court in South Africa cleared him of planning to have his wife murdered. Shrien Dewani, 34, of England allegedly conspired to have his wife murdered in 2010, according to the BBC News, who broke this story.

After arriving at Gatwick Airport, Dewani exited via a side entrance under close armed police guard in an effort to keep the media at bay. A little before 07:00 GMT, Dewani was driven away from the airport.

Some media sources have surmised that, rather than taking a direct flight from Cape Town, Shrien Dewani likely flew in from Dubai. That is because an airplane from the United Arab Emirates touched down at around 6:30.

In April, Dewani was extradited to stand trial. On Monday, the judge hearing the murder case through out the charges.

According to the judge, Judge Jeanette Traverso, the case that the prosecution brought against Dewani, a bisexual care home boss, for having planned and plotted the murder of Anni, his wife, was flawed. That is why she cleared the Bristol man of the murder charges.

Shrien Dewani, of Bristol, England, has returned home from South Africa after having been cleared by a judge of planning to have his wife murdered. Further updates will follow as more details are released.

Written By Douglas Cobb

BBC News

Photo by Dean Morley – Creativecommons Flickr License

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