Exodus Banned in Egypt

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Exodus: Gods and Kings has been banned in Egypt. The officials decided that it was full of historical and biblical inaccuracies, including about the building of the pyramids. It is just another blow to the movie that has been surrounded in controversy since the announcement of the creation, specifically the use of two well-known, white actors playing the main roles.

The Egyptian agency confirmed that the Ministry of Culture banned the film due to the historical inaccuracies. While it is important to point out that there are various stories of Moses that could be referred to, one of the main issues is that the film suggests that much of Egypt’s culture was forged from Zionists views, according to Jabir Asfour, Culture Minister for the country’s government.

Exodus: Gods and Kings tells the story of Moses leading his people to freedom. It is one of the most popular stories in the Old Testament of the Bible, and had Christian Bale taking on the main role. Joel Hedgerton took on the role of Pharaoh Ramses, who refuses to allow the Jews to escape from slavery.

This is not the first time the story of Moses has been told. The Ten Commandments was film in Egypt and told the same story. It starred Yul Brynner as Ramses and Charlton Heston as the lead, Moses. While Egypt did not ban that version, officials have decided to ban Exodus. Another previous depiction of Moses, The Prince of Egypt, was banned in the country.

It is not the first religious-themed movie to be banned this year. Earlier this year, Noah was banned in a number of Muslim countries. According to the Islamic religion, Noah was a prophet and it is forbidden to depict him. Egypt was one of the countries to ban this movie due to religious reasons.

Countries around the world have already banned one movie this month. The Interview has been caught up in controversy after the Sony Corporation hack. However, some U.S. movie theaters made the decision to start showing the movie from Christmas Day. The controversy and reason for banning came due to the comedic portrayal of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un.

For the Moses movie, one of the main inaccuracies is slated to be the portrayal of the Jews building the pyramids. While they were slaves, they made bricks and many have suggested that they helped the building of the pyramids. However, this is a fact that is often debated.

This is not the first time that Exodus has been surrounded in controversy. Earlier this year, many complained that the lack of ethnic diversity was a sign Ridley Scott was racist. Considering the time period and location, many believe it would have been better to use local actors. However, Scott argued that it would be very difficult to get the movie made if that happened. It is much easier to sell a hit with a big-name cast.

However, the cast was not the reason for banning the movie. The Egyptian officials are not happy with the inaccuracies, and have decided to ban Exodus in their movie theaters.

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