Fastfox Smartwatch Becomes the Wearable for Everyone at Pozible for $7

Fastfox Smartwatch

Fastfox smartwatch becomes everyone’s wearable as it sells for only $7 at the Pozible website, an inexpensive new watch that would help the user live a healthier life. Fastfox, a Chinese startup says, a minimal hardware and a simple software, make it possible for them to offer a cheap smartwatch at a price that is incredibly far from the contemporary wearables in the market. Samsung Galaxy Gear starts at $199, Moto 360 from Motorola is tagged $249 while the upcoming Apple Watch will be available for $349.

Fastfox launched a campaign on Pozible, an Australian crowdfunding site to release the smart wristband. The tech company offered 100 of the watches at $7, which were quickly taken. For $8, donors can still have the watch in black and for $9, the watch is offered in the design and color they want. The Fastfox smartwatch has customizable cover stickers and colors so the user can change them whenever they like.

While wearables and wristbands are gradually gaining fame in its tech space, Fastfox realized they are not widely used at the moment, though they can most benefit people to live more active and healthy lifestyles. The Chinese company found out that they are expensive, which is a turn off for a technology that just started; they need to be charged frequently, which dampens their purpose; and they have complicated options.

Creator Liu Chao of Fastfox said people want to try a new technology with minimal risk, thus, the Fastfox smartwatch is made affordable, just like buying a new t-shirt for a workout, then take the first step to their health goals. The smartwatch comes with apps that measure calorie intake as well as running and walking distances. It records sleep data, lights up when a phone call is missed or a message is received, hooks with social media for sharing and synchs with iOS and Android smartphones through Bluetooth. The Fastfox smartwatch is said to be waterproof at IP67 standard and packs a battery that can keep it powered for four to six months.

For $7 at Pozible, Fastfox says they aim to have their smartwatch become the wearable for everyone and make it highly accessible and useful to as many people who need it, as possible. The watch connects to the user’s smartphone to monitor his exercise habits and help him stay on the right track. After setup, the 11g device starts collecting data, moves with the user and engages in his every activity to give the most accurate data on how he is doing. When the user sleeps, the activated Fastfox smartwatch will check the quality and duration of his sleep, to learn how to improve it. As the watch progresses with the user, it will offer fitness and dietary tips.

Pozible shows that as of December 11, Fastfox’ campaign for its smartwatch has gained 2,824 supporters; and raised $71,599 – far more than its original pledge goal of $3,256. The campaign ends on December 25 at 9:04am PHT. Shipping date is set on December 20. Fastfox said it will take around 10 to 15 days after shipping to reach the hands of those who ordered.

The Fastfox smartwatch that sells for $7 at Pozible, becomes the wearable for everyone as shown by the massive support of the public for the affordable wrist band. The Chinese startup’s claims are too good to be true, but if its device impresses the tech world, it will definitely pressure the competitors to lower their prices and the public may see cheaper smartwatches before long.

By Judith Aparri


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    12/27/14 and still not heard anything. CrowdFunding ended 12/25/14


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