Final Fantasy VII Coming to PlayStation 4 Fans React Terribly

Final Fantasy VII

December 6-7 played host to the first ever PlayStation Experience, a community event that gathered developers and fans in the Sans Expo and Convention Center of Las Vegas for two days of celebration, game announcements, and new gameplay. Final Fantasy VII was among the announcements, not as a remake, simply as a reminder that the game existed and would be available on the PlayStation 4 in 2015.

Square Enix was given stage time and used it to show off a trailer of Final Fantasy VII that felt very familiar. Collectively viewers waited to see what would be coming, when would Square scratch out the old and reveal the new looking revival. However, it did not happen, and viewers scratched their heads wondering why this had to happen. The attitude that Square took has aggravated a lot of dedicated fans. You tuber Gritty Urban Saga has said that he will boycott Square Enix due to how he feels he is being treated.

Honestly, if Square continues to keep Final Fantasy VII in the spotlight without making a remake, the fans will. In the past, people have come together to create remakes and even continuations for their favorite games. Square wants their universe to be as they made it, which is why they have shut down such projects as Chrono Echoes, which was a fan-made bridge between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Weeks before the game was estimated to be complete, Square shut the project down with a cease-and-desist letter.

Twitter users were not ecstatic about the news either. Sam Sykes tweeted “Square Enix is like the grandma who gets you really excited for your Christmas present and then gives you socks.” Wesley Yin-Poole tweeted, “Square Enix, king of the trolls.” Jason Schreir tweeted, “Is there a company that actively knows how to piss off its fans more than Square Enix?” Even Tumblr users could not believe the news. Gloopday posted, “I don’t even play Final Fantasy and I’m offended.”

The fact that this was announced is not as big of a deal as Square considers it to be. Final Fantasy VII can still be played on the PS1, PS2, PS3, PC and more. This was a reminder that the game exists and that people will be able to play the original on their PS4 if they want. Still, people could not believe it.

Final Fantasy VII is considered a classic, it is a game that changed people’s lives and Square believes that a full remake would take too long, at least five years. Not to mention, they could quite possibly ruin the original experience by adding things like voice acting, improved graphics, and modified gameplay. What they have done here is add more fuel to the fire that burns within fans for a remake.

The first ever PlayStation Experience did succeed in bringing people together for their love of video games. Tons of developers showed off new games and new additions to past games. Square Enix however managed to hear the crowd collectively sigh together with their news of bringing the PC version of the classic to PS4 in 2015. The announcement of Final Fantasy VII on the PS4 was taken more as a joke than news.

Final Fantasy VII
By Garrett Jutte
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