Girl Scout Cookies Join the 21st Century With Online Sales

Girl Scout Cookies Join the 21st Century With Online Sales

For the first time in Girl Scout history, cookies will be sold online. The organization is using a national platform called Digital Cookie to introduce the new venture to the online world of sales. It has also been noted that Digital Cookie can help customers share in assisting the girls as they learn 21st century technology skills and digital entrepreneurship. By selling cookies Girl Scouts learn five essential skills such as business management, goal setting, money management, business ethics and decision-making.

Digital Cookie will not replace the traditional method of door-to-door sales the 112-year-old organization is known for. This is still its preferred selling method because it teaches the girls valuable interpersonal skills that can only be learned from face-to-face interactions. The addition of online selling will help level the playing field for the well-known and loved cookies to gain access to homes by offering an easy alternative.

The Girl Scout cookie tradition rolls out over 200 million boxes each year with door-to-door sales alone. They expect this number to quickly rise with the ability to order online from the comfort of cookie-lovers homes as soon as a craving for deliciousness hits them. This breaks the organization’s ban on e-sales of Thin Mints and Samoas as fans will be able to order the cookies via mobile apps and personalized websites and have them delivered to their door.

Girl Scout cookie selling began over 30 years ago when a small local troop made and sold sugar cookies at a neighborhood bake sale. They did so well the idea eventually turned into a regular event for the entire organization. Currently, they earn millions in sales every year with proceeds going back into local troops to fund things such as program-related activities or other community projects.

Prior to the days of online shopping Girl Scouts had no choice but to knock on doors or make phone calls for potential customers by delivering a sales pitch. While many will appreciate the online option, some have already began to criticize the decision stating it will limit important life lessons that can only be learned with up-close-and-personal interactions.

Many of the parents welcome the online selling point because it frees up time so the Scouts can focus on other activities such as homework. They believe it makes perfect sense to teach the children up-to-date selling methods as well. Regardless of the method used there is still a host of work and responsibility for the organization as they put in great effort to make sales.

Websites for sales will not be accessible without an invitation via email which means the girls will have to work to build their list of contacts. The Girl Scouts organization anticipates nearly one million of its members will sign up for the digital initiative. For the safety and privacy of the youngsters only their first name will be used online.

It is that time of the year again when the signature cookies everyone loves so much will be on sale. In times past they could only be purchased from door-to-door sales by the Scouts themselves or from parents of the girls who took the order form to their workplace or other frequented venues. For the first time in Girl Scout history fans will now be able to purchase their favorite flavors online through a national platform called Digital Cookie. The organization is expected to launch its online sales on December 12 while the traditional method will begin in January.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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