Global Warming Once Again Causing Concern for UN

global warming

In many places around the world people are enjoying the beautiful weather, an odd thing considering that the month is December. Winter weather is suppose to bring freezing climate, along with snow and ice. However, as global warming continues to prove itself existent, it is once again causing concern for the UN. The United Nations met again during a period that has lasted since the 1st and may continue on, in order to discuss with leaders from 190 nations exactly how anyone could fight the previously inevitable global warming. The answer is still unclear but the UN does expect that if every country works to combat global warming, the Earth may just have a fighting chance.

For many years people have rolled there eyes at the talks about global warming. Many did not believe that there was such a thing and many did not believe that the Earth was getting warmer. While it still may be possible that global warming does not exist, evidence to the contrary just keeps showing up. Mostly the evidence is overwhelming, making it hard for anyone to say for certain that global warming is not occurring. Over several years the Earth’s climate has been getting warmer. With record high summer days and record high winter days, it is obvious that the climate is just not as cold as it use to be.

As well, scientists say that global warming can be seen in the more violent weather that the Earth has had recently. Things like stronger and more excessive tornadoes, a large increase in the amount of lightning, more tropical storms and other features of the weather are apparent.

Though global warming is not happening as fast as many believed and it is also not causing as much damage as believed, the fact is the Earth has warmed a bit due to the emission of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants. For this reason, 190 diplomats met during U.N. talks over global warming, once again, and they are expected to be making pledges early next year, stating how their country can help deter the concern that is causing the warming of the climate. Due by March 31, 2015, the pledges will be adding onto the already proposed climate deal between China and the U.S. that was made in the previous month.

According to scientists, if emissions are not zeroed out before the year 2100 it could prove to be deadly. Though the U.S. has apparently been lenient on insisting reviews from other countries, the European Union and many other nations are expecting all countries to pitch in on the fight against global warming. With the warmest year on record being this year, countries are expected to act quickly.

According to sources, Germany has already agreed to look at their options, so as to decrease the amount of emissions that they put out. In the deal between the U.S. and China, representatives supposedly told the United States that they would review their emissions and give accounts in order to reduce gases. However, China felt like they were being put on the spot as their emissions and pollution is excessive. They are neglecting to provide detailed accounts as other countries are expected to do. They said they will provide some information but not all. Many other countries are concerned over China’s reluctance.

Deals from other countries are expected to reflect a large effort toward thwarting global warming. With global warming once again causing concern for the U.N., they believe that by reviewing emissions and pollutants and creating detailed accounts of output, all countries can effectively reduce the amount put out. Though countries are working toward reducing their emissions, other scientists are trying to find an alternative way. One proposition is geoengineering. This is the process of genetically engineering plants to absorb more CO2 from the air.

Whether decreasing the amount of harmful gas or increasing the tactics to combat the gases, something must be done. As countries struggle to find the balance to industrial living and not harming the Earth, it seems that world is at a crossroads. The U.N. shows much concern over the change in climate, and they are definitely expecting all countries to jump on the band wagon. As with most other things teamwork may just be the best option. In the meantime, the Climate Talks hosted by the U.N. seem to have been productive.

By Crystal Boulware


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Photo by UNclimatechange Creativecommons Flickr License

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