Soldier on Leave Kicked Out of Wife’s Apartment by Landlord


A United States soldier on leave for the holiday break found himself being kicked out of his wife’s Central, SC. apartment by The Groves landlord over a vaguely written clause in his wife’s lease agreement. Sergeant William Bolt excitedly came home to visit his wife and newborn baby for the holidays when the landlord stated that he would not be able to stay longer than seven days in the student apartment. What should have been a happy reunion with his wife, whom he had not seen in six months, and his first time being able to lay eyes on his newborn daughter, turned sour with that revelation.

The Groves at Clemson, located at 300 Arrowhead Drive in Central, SC., is a private student housing community for Clemson University according to their website. The Groves boast large yards and wildlife galore. A copy of the vaguely written lease agreement is still available on their website.

Bolt, stationed in Missouri, went to his wife’s apartment in Central, SC. She had just given birth to their newborn daughter two weeks prior. According to the property agreement, a visitor is only allowed to stay a maximum of seven days according to WHNS. The Groves apartment complex landlord told the soldier that he had overstayed the time allowed for guests per the lease agreement signed by Lily, Bolt’s wife.

Bolt attempted to debate the policy stating he had not seen his wife in six months and she had just recently given birth to their first child. Chuck, the landlord, reportedly told Fox that the rules are the rules and are enforced for all tenants and exceptions were not allowed. It did not make a difference if the visitor was a spouse or father because his name was not listed on the lease agreement signed by Lily.

According to Chuck, because Bolt’s name was not on the lease he would not be able to stay pass the approved seven days. According to Bolt, the landlord stated that he would press charges and increase his wife’s rent if he did not leave, kicking the soldier on leave out of his wife’s apartment. Bolt could not see the problem with him staying with his wife and newborn daughter past the seven days allotted per the lease agreement.

Lily Bolt is a student at Clemson University and just recently became a new mom. Bolt fears that she may be evicted over the matter. Fox Carolina brought a copy of the lease agreement to an attorney, Amber Foster, for review.

According to the attorney, the provision in the lease agreement was vaguely written. She also stated that the landlord would have a difficult time pressing charges against the soldier because Bolt is the tenant’s husband and also a member of the armed forces. Certain accommodations are made for members of the armed forces in extenuating circumstances. The landlord allegedly said he did not care that Bolt was a soldier or about the couple’s situation.

So far, Bolt has complied with the landlord’s request. The soldier stated that he feared the police being called and being kicked out of his wife’s apartment by the landlord and arrested while on leave. The landlord threatened to have his vehicle towed and charge him with criminal trespassing.

By Stevenson Benoit

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