Dragon Ball Z Making a Comeback [Video]

Dragon Ball Z

The season of the nerd continues and it looks like the anime Dragon Ball Z is the next to capture the excitement. The beloved series that made waves in Japan in the late 1980’s to 1995 is making its way back for a whole new generation as a featured film. No word on whether the movie will be heading to the states as well, but with enough critical acclaim and fandom behind it, time will only tell. The sequel, titled Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F (F is for Resurrection), will be hitting theaters in 2D and 3D next year and will bring back one of the show’s greatest and most infamous villains-Frieza.

Dragon Ball ZAnnounced earlier this week, the Dragon Ball Z movie will continue the Freiza saga in a whole new way. Bringing in the original creator Akira Toriyama for the new flick, the title makes the plot virtually literal. The alien villain that destroyed the Saiyan homeworld is back to seek vengeance on planet Earth and the series heroes Goku and Vegeta. How did the alien conqueror make it back? Of course, his faithful servants Tagoma and Sorbet make their way to Earth to collect the dragon balls and wish for their leader back. Successfully awakening the dragon within and bringing Frieza back from the dead, a battle quickly ensues for the fate of the Earth. From the looks of the trailer, the tyrant is back to his original self (not the android version destroyed in the later Dragon Ball Z saga) and he has all the necessary equipment to destroy those he has felt wrong by-including a legion of Ginyu Force that remained loyal even after his demise.

Dragon Ball ZFor those that may not know the full story behind one of Dragon Ball Z‘s greatest villains, Frieza is an intergalactic conqueror that first enslaved the Saiyan race to do his dirty work. Deploying the soldiers out to different small worlds across the universe to wreak havoc and claim the planet as Frieza’s territory, the arrangement soon changed once the main character Goku’s father Bardock revolted. In retaliation of their defiance Freiza decided to stop using the Saiyan fleet and end the existence of the entire Saiyan race. With just a simple motion of the finger, the tyrant launched a devastating ball of energy that was large and powerful enough to completely wipe out the rebel forces and the entire planet. Luckily, only a few Saiyans remained alive on different planets-the species prince Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, Broly, and a baby Goku on Earth.

Frieza’s hatred for the entire Saiyan race only further carried over throughout the series. His arc was one of the longest and highly watched. The saga spanned over thirty episodes and centered on his search for the original dragon balls. The saga took place on the planet Namek, included a series of battles with new characters, killed off one of the Dragon Ball Z’s major characters, and gave viewers their first look at the infamous super Saiyan. Out of all the Dragon Ball Z villains, Frieza is the only one that made a return in Dragon Ball GT, several movies, and even a mini-saga during after his death. It only makes sense that the creators are going back to one of the series most well-known and beloved characters for a new take on his thirst for vengeance on the Saiyan race. Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F is set to hit theaters on April 18, 2015.

By Tyler Cole


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