Google Maps Business View Offers Holiday Tours to Web Shoppers

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Google Maps adds more perk to the Christmas shopping spree by giving Web shoppers a holiday tour, sans the freezing weather. Google updates the Business View feature of Google Maps so shoppers can have a detailed imagery of some business locations in London and New York which are clad with Christmas decor. For instance, the Maps can show images of Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s in New York, as well as London’s Liberty and Selfridges. Furthermore, users can take a peek inside certain establishments if there is a “See Inside” mark on them.

Shoppers know the thrill of actual shopping, and get visual treats from the seasonal and lavish displays in the windows of department stores and shops. Through the Lat Long Blog, Google announced Friday that people can already check on decked out displays in London and New York without the hassles of tugging bags, getting through crowds and braving the cold weather. They just have to get ready and hold their online reindeer for a holiday tour with Google Maps Business View.

The Google Maps Business View enables a 360-degree virtual tour not only of shopping centers, but of restaurants and hotels as well. It covers establishments in more than 30 countries worldwide. With its VR features, Google Maps Business View can be the best travel buddy. Traveling with family, friends and loved ones, whether for the holidays, simple unwinding or for a romantic escapade, the Business View is a useful tool for checking the target destination beforehand and look inside thousands of hotels, such as the pools in Hilton and Best Western hotels.

For the non-travelers, Business View can be used for canvassing the best restaurants to dine with friends. Checking on stunning restaurants like Paris’ Riad Nejma, Tokyo’s REN and Playa del Carmen’s Alux Restaurant Bar, is in itself an exciting experience.

The “See Inside” markers in Google+, Google Maps and Search will take the tablet, mobile or desktop user to a virtual tour of their selected destination. They are in for a big surprise of what they will see inside. The more adventurous souls will love to have a virtual tour of nearly every part of the globe.

While Google Maps Business View can give online shoppers a holiday tour, Google has also updated Google Maps Street View with a virtual reality support so that Android mobile devices, when paired with a Google cardboard, brings the user to the cities of the world. To activate the Virtual Reality mode is simple. The user just needs to open the app Street View and tap twice on the Refresh icon at the bottom right area of the display. The screen will then be divided into two, and when that happens, the user should drop the phone to a Google Cardboard viewer and the VR experience is ready for navigation.

Ready-to-use Google Cardboards are also available for $20 to $22. The new Samsung Gear VR is among the best tools for Google Maps Street View. The gear uses Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as its display screen. At the moment, it is not indicated yet if the Google Maps Business View that gives online shoppers a holiday tour and the Street Views that takes users to city tours work with iOS devices.

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