GOP Staffer Criticizes Obamas Daughters


GOP staffer, Elizabeth Lauten, is said to be resigning after making comments criticizing Obamas daughters. Lauten made comments on her Facebook page, stating that the president’s daughters, Sasha and Malia, needed to “show some class.” She made the comment in a nonchalant manor after seeing photographs of the daughters and how they were dressed last week at a turkey pardoning ceremony that occurred at the White House. She also referred to Obamas daughters as being less than role-models, stating that they looked like they were ready for the night out at the bar rather than a black tie event.

In her Facebook post, Lauten also made negative comments about Obama “Then again your mother and father don’t respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter, so I’m guessing you’re coming up a little short in the ‘good role model’ department.’’ Shortly after the astonishing comments about the presidents daughters were made, Lauten began to realize what she had done and the consequences that would result from her actions. Lauten’s post was first written and shared on Facebook, then shared on twitter, and would later be shared with Blogosphere. With all the social media tools used, the post soon went viral. In fact, within less than a day, the Twitter link had been seen and shared by people worldwide.

Many people were appalled at the GOP staffer Lauten for criticizing President Obama’s daughters. Some individuals thought that it was ironic that GOP staff, Lauten, would even have the audacity to say that the presidents daughters were not acting like role models considering the fact that Lauten, too, being the Communication Director for a Tennessee republican, seemed to be in a position where she would be held to higher standards by those all over the World.

Within hours, many news websites were talking about the GOP staffer’s post, causing her to go back and reread the posts that she had written earlier. When reading those posts, Lauten realized the harm that was done by her foul and careless words. People on the news sights were now making rude comments about her and she quickly realized that she had no right to judge the presidents daughters or to write words that she would not be able to ever take back.

Lauten, upset over her most recent actions, went to her parents’ house to seek condolences. After speaking with her family and loved ones, she truly began to realize the seriousness of the matter. Lauten and her family began praying about what had happened and did everything within her power to see to it that some of the damage could be repaired.

Within hours of the original post, Lauten went into her Facebook page and took down her original post where she had bashed the President and his family. She replaced that post with messages of concern and admitted to her faults. She stated that she realized that she had judged others in ways that she would never have wanted to be judged, especially as young child or teenager.

Although the GOP staffer admits to her wrongdoing by criticizing the President Obamas daughters and causing hurt to a lot of people, she states that she will try to use the experience as a learning tool and to grow from the situation. NBC reported on Monday that the GOP staff Lauten already has a resignation in the works and will no longer be working for Steve Fincher a Tennessee member of congress.

By Kelli Patterson

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