Harry Styles Seen Leaving Hollywood Club With Two Mystery Woman


One Direction singer Harry Styles was recently seen leaving a Hollywood club with two unidentified females, this occurring in the early hours of Sunday morning. The club in question is called The Nice Guy Club, and is most certainly a fixture in Los Angeles’s high society area of town.

It was reportedly around three in the morning when the 20-year-old left the aforementioned venue and got into the back of a waiting car with the aforementioned females. Both women were blond, but there is not yet any clue as to their identity or how they are related/connected to the 1D fan favorite. The singer was seen leaving the club with some companions, dressed in his signature skinny jeans and black tee. Styles’ tats were on full view to the public, and his hair was in the usual pushed to the side longer style he has been sported for the past few weeks. One of the women in question covered her face as the group was photographed climbing into the taxi in question.

This is not the first time in the past few weeks that a member of the popular British boy band has made headlines. Just over a week ago, Zayn Malik brought attention to himself by not appearing at several 1D events, including an acceptance award speech for an MTV EMA. He also failed to appear for the band’s launch of their new album Four, of which they did an interview for on a recent taping of The Today Show. Matt Lauer questioned the group regarding Malik’s absence at said interview, pushing the issue surrounding speculation that the 21-year-old was abusing either alcohol or drugs. Liam Payne, who has acted as the band’s spokesperson one more than one occasion (specifically when Malik and fellow band mate Louis Tomlinson were filmed smoking marijuana in the back of an SUV on the way to a concert in Peru.), told Lauer that said speculation was completely unwarranted and that Malik was suffering from no more than a stomach bug. Lauer pushed the issue even further, but to no avail. Malik joined the boys at an upcoming Orlando concert, something that lead to Directioners losing their head completely and taking to social media to express their view that the king was back (one diehard fan even went so far as to say that balance had been restored, and that they could sleep well again.)

Styles has been known for his womanizing ways, something that the recent photograph have done nothing to refute or give evidence against in any way. Styles became well-known in the tabloids for dating popular country-pop crossover Taylor Swift, who reportedly penned the track Trouble about him. Their relationship is not said to be completely over, with many fans obsessing over the fact that her new track Out of the Woods is about Styles, and relates to her want to reconcile or at least make things civil with him. Further updates on the situation have yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Photo by vagueonthehow – Flickr License