Hate Crime Possible Cause of Missouri Car Crash

Hate crime

Hate crime is seen as a possible cause in the death of a Missouri boy’s death after a Ahmed H. Aden allegedly crashed his SUV into the victim’s car resulting in the death of Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein on Thursday in Kansas City. Aden was charged with first-degree murder when he appeared before a Kansas City judge on Friday. He is also accused of leaving the scene of an accident, armed criminal action, and unlawful use of a weapon. The Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI) is investigating if Aden’s actions constitute a hate crime.

Witnesses said Aden intentionally crashed his Chevy Trailblazer into the car that Sheikh-Hussein was in. He then alighted from his car and started brandishing a knife as he escaped on foot. He is reported to have swung a baseball bat and also brandished a gun at those who were trying to stop him. The incident took place outside the Somali Community Center in Kansas City.

The incident left 15-year-old Sheikh-Hussein’s legs nearly dismembered from his body. He was rushed to Mercy Children Hospital where doctors tried to save his life without success. His family decided to take him off life-support Thursday evening, following an incident that appeared to be a hate crime.

During questioning, Aden at first told police that he ran over the boy as an accident. He later changed his story, saying that he thought the boy was the boy was one of the people who had threatened to kill him a few days earlier.

A person that witnessed the incident said that Sheikh-Hussein was hit at a high speed that sent him flying into he air. Kansas police official Darin Snapp told the Associated Press by email that the SUV that is alleged to have crashed Sheikh-Hussein to death had been seen by law enforcement officials in the area in October displaying a message that said that Islam was the same as Ebola, leading police to suspect that hate crime could be a possible cause of the Missouri boy’s death from the car crash.

Mourners gathered at the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City on Saturday to remember Sheikh-Hussein. KMBC-TV reported that some of the mourners were his schoolmates from Staley High School. Friends described him as faithful and kind.

According to court documents, after Aden crashed his car into the Sheikh-Hussein, he got out of his car with a knife in his hand. Witnesses said that he tried to hit those who followed him with a baseball bat.

An official of The Council on American Islamic Relations, said Aden had been threatening members of the Somali community, as well as Sheikh-Hussein family, for several months. He had even written an anti-Islamic phrase on his car, comparing Islam to Ebola, which is a hate crime.

Zulfikar Malik, a member of the Heartland Muslim Council, said he was saddened and shocked by the incident. He said that most of the Somalis in the area were immigrants who had escaped hatred in their country only to find it in Kansas City. He added that while the community normally dismissed hate mongering as inconsequential, it at times led to violent acts. In reference to the possibility that the Missouri boy’s death from the car crash was most likely a hate crime, he said people who could not love another should try to not hate one another.

By Benedicto Ateku

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