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Haven: Mommy Dearest (Review)



Haven this week seems to prove that Charlotte Cross really is Mara’s mommy dearest and at the start of the episode one can only wonder what the woman is really up to. Vince is very happy that he guessed all along that the CDC doc was not who she claimed to be. Dave is not impressed because, as he points out, Vince did not know that she was from another world. Audrey looks increasingly ill and Mara drops by to pop her in the head with a pistol and demands that Parker tell Cross to open a thinny so Mara can leave alone, sans her mother. Duke’s tears are infecting people in the town with troubles that are like “nothing seen before” or at least that is what Mora promises.

The whole episode of Haven Chosen is a continuance of the jaw dropping news that began last week. Although the show does start out on a very dark vein of humor. A customer comes to complain to Duke about his using store bought Kahlua in his White Russian cocktails. Crocker does not react well to her offer of help and two bits of aether leak from his eyes and infect two of his customers. The woman and a bearded man whose new trouble appears later in the show to almost kill his daughter and a group of her friends. Unfortunately for the female he infects, she immediately starts her trouble, which entails blowing up anything she touches, including her husband.

Charlotte Cross reveals that she has aged very well for someone that is well over a 1000 years old and Haven now has a very ill Audrey Parker and an angry Mara who is not happy to see her own mommy dearest. Duke Crocker has made plans for Mara that does not really involve running off together through a thinny, and Nathan is still trying to save the love of his life. Vince and Dave go into the woods and get a big surprise when they find the word CROATOAN drawn on the top of a big boulder and just as the two make the discovery they spot a huge fog bank descending upon the seaside town of Haven.

Mara’s mother changes direction midway through the episode, although this latest twist is not learned till just before the end. This mid-season finale of Haven has given Dwight a broken heart and by the end of the show Duke does not cry a river of black aether tears, but he does spout a geyser of the things which spread out over the entire town. As cliffhanger-y as this week is, the previews of the upcoming January 2015 return features the most mind blowing event in the series thus far.

Apparently William Shatner, aka Captain James Tiberius Kirk, will show up with what may be a solution to problems that were intensified in Haven after mommy dearest came up with her solution to the Mara problem. While there is no real hint as to what part he will play in the show, according to DEADLINE the 83 year old star will have a recurring part, which is due to last over four episodes and his character will be crucial in changing Haven forever. It is going to take a long time for the next episode of Haven to reappear and show just what Captain Kirk is doing in the seaside town.

By Michael Smith




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