Hayden Panettiere Gives Birth

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere gave birth to a baby girl. She and fiancée Wladimir Klitschko welcomed the baby into the world on Tuesday. It is the first child for the two of them.

According to a statement from the couple to People, they are both madly in love and over the moon. They chose an alternative name for their daughter, although not one that is completely “out there” like many celebrities. They announced that they chose the name Kaya.

Panettiere and her fiancé announced their engagement in October 2013. While a date may have been initially planned, they chose to hold off on their nuptials due to the unrest in Klitschko’s native Ukraine. His brother is a government official and has not been able to make it out of the country as of yet. It would not be right to marry without him there.

The wedding plans may have been put on hold due to the pregnancy. The Nashville star started showing around May, and finally confirmed it during an Ice Bucket Challenge video in August. She nominated her unborn baby when taking part in the challenge for charity.

Despite confirming her pregnancy, a due date was never given. Between October and November was the most widely anticipated due to the size of her bump. However, Panettiere gave birth to her daughter on December 9.

During the Emmy Awards in August, the Heroes actress revealed the gender of her baby. At the time of the red carpet interview, it sounded like she had accidentally revealed the gender of her baby with her fiancé. It was more of a passing comment about not being able to wait “for her to come out.”

The name Kaya seems to be a mixture of American and Ukrainian. During the red carpet interview, the 25-year-old had said that choosing a name had been difficult. She and Klitschko were trying to find a balance between their heritages, and Kaya has done just that. The newborn has been given her father’s surname, which could be a hint towards the move Panettiere will make when it comes to getting married.

The Nashville actress was certainly happy about the birth of her daughter. It was something she could not wait for, and not just because she wanted to hold her daughter in her arms. She could simply not wait for pregnancy to be over.

The short actress told Hello that she had gained a lot of weight during pregnancy. She went from a 106 pound frame to a 145 pound one. However, her feet had not grown and were struggling to deal with the extra weight they had to carry around.

When the pregnancy was first mentioned, many wondered what would happen for Panettiere’s character on her current TV show, Nashville. In the end, the producers decided that her character would become pregnant on the show and dealt with it quickly at the start of the season. It definitely made much more sense than trying to hide the pregnancy throughout, which is something that many other shows have chosen to do.

Panettiere gave birth on Tuesday and she and baby are both doing well. Kaya Evdokia Klitschko weight 7lbs 14oz at the time of her birth.

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