Hayden Panettiere Reveals Baby’s Gender

Hayden Panettiere

Just days after finally confirming her pregnancy, Hayden Panettiere has now revealed her baby’s gender. On the red carpet for the Emmy Awards, she shared that she and her fiancé Wladimir Klitschko are having a girl.

There are debates over whether the star purposely dropped the hint or accidentally shared it in a similar way to Kelly Rowland accidentally telling the world she was having a boy. Panettiere was asked about her pregnancy and she said that she could not “wait for her to come out.” After the interview asked for confirmation that it was a girl, the Nashville star seemed to realize her mistake but went along with it anyway.

There were questions about baby names and nursery decor. By knowing the gender it will be a little easier for the couple. However, the actress confirmed that she and Klitschko are still working on names. They are trying to find names that are both Ukrainian and American to work with both of their nationalities, but there are some options at the moment. She refrained from sharing those options.

During the interview, the 25-year-old also explained that she has Ben Vandiver, an “amazing interior decorator” working with her for the nursery. Vandiver handled the star’s Nashville house, so she knows she is leaving this in very capable hands. One thing that the Heroes star wants is a nursery that will not need to be changed anytime soon, and somewhere her daughter will happily grow up in.

After Panettiere revealed her baby’s gender, she went onto talk about her dress and style. Walking around in heels seemed to be a worry for the young starlet, who explained that her feet have never had to deal with so much weight on them before. Her feet hurt without any shoes on, so heels were going to be a pain.

Her stylist certainly showed off the bump well. The dress was a beautiful, sparkling clingy number with a nude chest area. Her hair was tied up simply with a silver sparkling headband to hold it out of her eyes. The elegance showed that pregnant women can look amazing.

Food cravings are a big thing when it comes to pregnancy and, of course, everyone wants to know celebrities’ cravings when they are pregnant. It was no different for the Bring It On actress. However, she explained that there were no strange or wild cravings. In fact, she said that the pregnancy has just possibly made her craving for chicken noodle soup more intense. That has been something she has always loved and continues to love right now.

The 25-year-old is certainly excited for her first baby. The first pregnancy is often considered the hardest because there are so many unknown feelings and apprehensions about the future, but the Nashville star just seems excited. She loves shopping and is loving the idea of buying new things for her daughter. That was one of the reasons she wanted to find out the baby’s gender, which Panettiere revealed on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards Show last night.

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