Robin Williams Tribute at Emmys Much Better Than VMAs

Robin Williams

The Robin Williams tribute at the Emmys was much better than the Video Music Awards (VMAs) just days before. Many fans have praised Billy Crystal for his touching tribute, which mentioned personal memories as well as professional ones.

Just days earlier, fans were fuming at the attempt at a tribute at the VMAs. It seemed like the organizers believed something should be done to remember the 63-year-old comedy genius but decided too last minute to do anything spectacular. The 20-second clip had a few photos of the late actor, along with a Coldplay song that did not quite fit. Fans took to social media to air their disgust and disappointment. One users said that not having a tribute at all would have been less offensive than the tribute that was given.

Some of the issues came from the placement. It just seemed to be quickly added, as if forgotten about until that minute. There was no real lead-in, unlike other tributes throughout the night.

As with the Emmys every year, there was a special spot for the tributes to actors who have passed away during the last 12 months. Williams was the most prominent, but others included James Garner and Peter O’Toole, both who passed away in their 80s. Crystal took to the stage to offer his own tribute to an actor and a friend.

He explained that it was difficult to talk about the passing and mentioned various memories in a touching moment. Fans could only smile as they remembered the comedy genius for all the good points. Many have agreed that the Williams tribute at the Emmys was much better than the one at the VMAs.

The Mrs. Doubtfire actor died suddenly on August 11. The cause of death has been determined as suicide by hanging, leaving some people to claim that he was selfish for his actions. However, his wife came forward to explain that not only had he been suffering with depression for many years but he had also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

The news of his death shocked millions around the world. The news of his depression made that shock deeper. It is amazing just how many people suffer in silence or put on an act when in front of the public. While he did seek help, it seems that that help was never enough. However, some attribute his decision to kill himself to the medications he started taking for his Parkinson’s disease.

Crystal called Williams the “greatest friend” anyone could imagine and shared his ability to be funny absolutely anywhere. After closing the speech with “what a concept,” the comedian allowed a few clips to be played showcasing the best moments of the Aladdin actor on stage and screen.

Sara Bareilles performed Smile while the clips were shown, and the memorial section went into other stars who have passed away during the previous 12 months. Some of those included Paul Walker, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Casey Kasem. However, the most moving part at the Emmys was Williams’ tribute, which was much better than the one at the VMAs.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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