Ice Bucket Challenge Sees First Fatality?

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The ice bucket challenge may have seen its first fatality. Cameron Lancaster was found dead at Prestonhill Quarry and had allegedly taken part in the challenge just beforehand. Police are now investigating to find out the true cause of death.

Social media has seen a rise in videos of people pouring ice water or having it poured over their heads. The aim was to raise awareness for ALS sufferers, as the ice water temporarily gives people the symptoms. It has since raised $62.5 million for the cause in the United States. In the United Kingdom, money is being raised for Motor Neuron Disease (MND), which is the British name for the same condition. Just over $400,000 has been raised so far for the cause. Some in the United Kingdom are raising money for cancer charities, including Macmillan Cancer Support.

Some people have accused those doing the ice bucket challenge as silly. The whole thing has gained criticism as more celebrities join in with the “fun.” However, arguably the celebrities joining in have helped raise more awareness and money for the charities. Some celebrities have added their own twists, with Charlie Sheen opting to pour $10,000 over his head; all of which is being donated to the ALS Association. Leonardo DiCaprio has since gotten involved and is reportedly donating $100,000 to the cause.

However, it is all fun until someone gets hurt. Lancaster was just 18 at the time of his death, and he may be the first fatality due to the ice bucket challenge. Reports from eye witnesses are that the young man jumped into the quarry after taking part in the challenge and just never rose to the surface.

According to reports, the quarry is often used for swimming and plenty of teenagers have jumped in the past. However, they have not completed the challenge beforehand. It took four hours to find the teenager’s body, and it is believed that the shock of the ice water and then jumping into the quarry stopped his body from working properly.

An investigation must happen to determine the cause and reason of death. Police in Scotland are doing everything they can and working as quickly as possible to get answers for Lancaster’s family.

According to Daily Buzz Live the incident in Scotland may not be the first attributed to the ice bucket challenge. In Mississippi, 17-year-old Nancy Oly was nominated for the challenge and took part with style in mind. Her cousin stood above her with a large bucket, but the bucket slipped out of his hands and hit her head. She suffered a broken neck and died in the hospital. Her parents wanted to share the video to show the dangers of the challenge when not done safely.

There have been other reports of deaths from the challenge. However, many of these have come from satire sites and have led to people wondering the point in sharing these hoaxes.

Accidents have happened, and at least one of those has led to the end of a life. In Scotland, the ice bucket challenge may have seen its first fatality after 18-year-old Lancaster jumped into a quarry and never came back up.

By Alexandria Ingham


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