Indianapolis North Side Has Fatal Shooting


Indianapolis police have reported a fatal shooting on the city’s north side, with an investigation ongoing at the present time. The shooting took place on N. Capitol Avenue, somewhere in the 2800 block. Police have closed off Capitol at 29th street to traffic for the investigation. They have not said how long they will need to keep the road closed.

No information has been released about the victim of the shooting. The only report so far from Indianapolis police was to confirm that one person had died as a result of being shot. There has been no indication that the shooter is in custody, which may account for the need to limit traffic to the area. If a manhunt is underway, there have been no announcements about any suspects.

No other injuries were reported, and no ambulance traffic from the scene indicates that nobody else other than the deceased victim was shot. Police are on the scene and are expected to provide more answers and information as they gather evidence and attempt to determine the events of the crime.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Steve Baker – Flickr License

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