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Google Glass

Though much commotion has taken place over the last several months concerning the high tech wearable, Google Glass, the most recent rumor going around is that Intel Corporation has now taken an interest in the gadget. With the initial launch of the product making it a consumer item, Intel is planning to take it a step further making it a got-to-have business item. While people thought the device was falling out, it turns out that it is not so much a bust as it is a turn around for Google Glass. Apparently the gadget was just taking a hiatus while in search for a new company to supply it with high tech material.

Introduced a few years back, Google Glass was the gadget that everyone wanted but not many could afford. It was a high tech pair of glasses, essentially, that could post to social media, send emails, take pictures, search Google, and do many other tasks for the user. Though recent reports showed that the numbers were falling for the short-lived technology, when it made headlines across news stations for being an item of the past. Before then it had also received many negative headlines in the way of being banned from movie theaters to causing addiction. Since many users were apparently addicted to the wearable it was hard to believe that the numbers were falling, however it did seem that way.

But now with the most recent headlines it seems that Google Glass was only getting a change in features, as the technology company Intel has now taken an interest in providing processors for the wearable. According to sources, in the past the processors for Google Glass were being provided by Texas Instruments. That is right, the company that brought users high tech calculators (though I am sure they did more than that) was supplying the much needed technology for Google’s innovation.

Now Intel Corporation has brought Google Glass back to the attention of consumers, stating that they will be supplying the processors for the technology, but their interest is actually more on the business side. According to the Wall Street Journal, Intel will be providing Google Glass with their “electronic brains” for a new version that is expected to come out next year. Intel will replace the chip that was previously supplied by Texas Instruments Inc. Though Intel will be providing this chip for all of the wearable products, even the ones that consumers have, they will also be focusing on how to optimize the technology for business use.

This new innovation will be known as Glass at Work, a project that Intel and Google are at the forefront of, though companies like Augmedix Inc. and APX Labs LLC will also be in collaboration. With the input from these companies, Google Glass will be getting a major makeover that will hopefully be beneficial to consumers and business owners, alike.

With Intel stepping in on the interest in Google Glass, the wearable gadget has come back into the spotlight, giving users hope for a better technology in the future. Some of the features that are expected to be improved are durability, usability, and even a battery life that lasts for a whole day. How much more can users get done with better features and a long-lasting battery life?

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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