Many Americans Cannot Donate Their Kidneys

Many Americans

Many Americans cannot donate their kidneys. This information was recently discovered and found that three out of four U.S. citizens are not capable of being kidney donors, even if they volunteer to do it because of either health and/or financial causes. The research investigation was performed at Wake Forest Medical School. The researchers wanted to look into why there has been such a drastic kidney shortage for the past few years. However, the study group for this research does not think that there has been any studies to assess the kidney donor pool.

Dr. Anthony Bleyer, who was the chief lead of the study, and his team worked in detecting the origins of the kidney shortage. At the present time, there are nearly 102,500 individuals who are presently waiting to receive kidney transplants, and at least 3,050 are added on the waiting list every month. Even so, the National Kidney Foundation states that just under 20 percent of the many Americans who are patients were the only individuals to receive kidney transplants in 2013.

The scientists started their exploration by defining the number of people who were healthy enough to provide one of their kidneys. They used the credentials that were comparable to transplant center requirements. The group also analyzed different types of medical data from many Americans that contributed to a former national survey and looked at their yearly incomes to calculate for potential donors.

The examination ended up showing that centered around the health conditions of U. S citizens, ones who have high blood pressure, those who have HIV and people who suffers from heart disease are not able to be kidney donors, Americans who have a yearly annual income of under $25,000 are also banned as they are unable to take sick leave without pay for the two to four weeks it takes to recover.

Another research report allegedly showed that donors ended up having higher risks for the donor as well. Yet another study showed that donors often ended up having children who had birth defects. The doctor stated that the major message from this analysis probably should be that many Americans really need to work on becoming healthier, because when they are, the better they are able to deal with numerous health problems, and then there would be many more healthy donors all across the United States.

The information that was found showed that nearly three in four Americans were unable to donate kidneys, even if they were volunteers because of either health and/or financial causes or both. The researchers wanted to find out why there had been such a drastic kidney donation shortage and they believe they did with the research they performed.

The research report has not yet been printed up in any scientific related journal or peer type of review. However, Dr. Bleyer did present the discoveries, which he and his colleagues had found, around the middle of last month, while attending a meeting of the American Society of Nephrology that was held in Pennsylvania. Regardless, many Americans are unable to donate kidneys, even though they want to.

By Kimberly Ruble


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