Jared Leto Cast as the New Joker in Suicide Squad

Jared Leto has been cast to play the new Joker in the latest DC Entertainment movie, Suicide Squad. The movie will focus on the DC Comics supervillains who are forced to team up to go on missions of redemption, which will probably kill them.

Leto will be the first to appear as the Joker since Heath Ledger was cast in The Dark Knight. He is the next in line to play the epic villain. Cesar Romero was the first to play the Joker in the Batman TV series and in Batman: The Movie. Jack Nicholson was legendary as the Joker in 1988, followed by Ledger’s equally excellent portrayal before his death.

Leto does have the credentials to fill the role. He recently won an Oscar for his role as a transgender woman with AIDS in The Dallas Buyer’s Club. In 2012, the documentary Artifact was Leto’s debut as a director.

At the beginning of his 20 year career, Leto started out in the role of teen heartthrob, Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life. He also had supporting roles in Fight Club, Panic Room and Urban Legend. He took a five-year sabbatical before The Dallas Buyer’s Club to tour with his band, and is now slated to play an evil supervillain.

It is unclear if Batman will appear in Suicide Squad because it is not a Batman movie. However, the Joker will be the main character of the latest DC Comics movie. The movie is said to be an ensemble show that will serve as an introduction of the character. Reportedly, this will not link back to the latest Batman movies.

Jared Leto being cast the new Joker in the DC Comics movie, Suicide Squad, is only a miniscule part of the ensemble movie. Other roles have been cast as well. Will Smith will be the famed assassin, Deadshot and Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg. Jai Courtney has been cast as Captain Boomerang. The role of Harley Quinn, the sociopathic partner of the Joker has gone to Margot Robbie.

It has not yet been confirmed if the Joker and Harley Quinn will be part of the black ops team searching for redemption. Based on the comic books, the squad was manipulated into performing missions for the US government and in return they were promised shortened prison sentences.

Written and directed by David Ayer, production on the film is set to begin early in 2015. They are hoping for a theatrical release date for the movie to be August of 2016. Richard Suckle and Charles Roven are among those producing  Deborah and  Zack Snyder  are executive producers on the project and have their names attached to other DC movies.

Jared Leto being cast as the new Joker in the DC Comics movie, Suicide Squad. is the first drop in the bucket for Warner Bros and their expansion of the DC universe. Swimming with DC supervillains, Leto joins the cast as the first to play the Joker since Heath Ledger. Coupled with other big names, like Will Smith, Suicide Squad will be a star-studded movie.

By Kerri Cushna

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Photo by Mr. James Ackerley – Flick License

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