Jennifer Aniston Fights Back Against ‘Selfish’ Comments

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is fighting back against the comments that she is “selfish.” They all started because she admitted that she is too career-driven to have children. However, many people view it as a negative thing because she is not adding more children to the world.

This is arguably a small amount of people. There are certainly many who respect her decision to choose a career over children. After all, there is the possibility that she would regret her decision and resent her children if she decided to give up her career. Not having children does not mean that she is not mothering or even caring. There are other people in her life.

Fertility has always been a question surrounding the 45-year-old. Aniston has regularly been involved in pregnancy rumors, and she recently admitted that she was fed up of them. However, she has not felt the need to speak out about her decisions over family, which may be unfair in itself as she should not have to defend her own opinions and decisions to people she does not know.

She explained to Allure during the January 2015 edition that there is an element of feeling like a woman has failed herself “as a female” due to not having children. There is a lot of pressure and it is unfair to them. She commented on the view of her being selfish, because she has decided to focus on herself and her career, rather than having a family.

Aniston is now fighting back against the “selfish” comments. She is certainly not the only woman to decide to focus on a career over children. In fact, there are friends of the Friends actress who had chosen to focus on themselves instead of children.

The comments can make those women who struggle to have children feel inadequate. Many women cannot have children for various reasons, or may not want them before of other reasons. The assumption that someone is selfish because of that is “rude, insulting and ignorant,” according to the actress.

The Horrible Bosses actress still finds fertility a difficult thing to talk about and read. She mentioned during the interview that her throat was getting tight due to the topic of discussion. Despite facing the rumors and accusations for so long, she still struggles to handle it. This could be due to the history surrounding women, and how it has always been an expectation.

Some good news is that her fiancé, Justin Theroux, is on her side when it comes to careers and families. They are nurturing people, and focus on dogs, friends and each other. Aniston explained that the two are equals, and that is something that really matters.

Of course, questions over their wedding plans did come up during the interview. The two announced they would marry in summer 2012, but there has been no date shared. The 45-year-old shared that it is something they continually talk about, but would share no other details. The main focus of the interview was a chance for Aniston to fight back against the “selfish” comments for not having children.

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