Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Back Together?

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult may be back together. The two were part of a high-profile breakup earlier this year, and led to them being connected to other people. However, it seems that there are still powerful feelings between them.

After the breakup, Lawrence was connected to Chris Martin, former husband of Gwyneth Paltrow. While there were never confirmations of their relationship, they seemed to part ways just months after the rumors started. Hoult, at the time, was connected to Twilight actress Kristen Stewart after the two started filming Equals together.

Reports now put the two lovebirds back together. In fact, the reports go as far as to suggest that Lawrence may have been the reason Hoult broke up with Stewart. It is difficult to confirm that since all three of the actors prefer to keep their private lives to themselves; and rightly so! Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Stewart hates The Hunger Games actress due to being the reason for the breakup. This was someone she had previously called a friend.

Life & Style claims that Hoult is still in love with his former X-Men co-star. However, the magazine has a poor track record for gossip and being right. It has been known for sharing information from anonymous sources, which tends to turn out to be falsified. An “insider” reportedly told the publication that Lawrence is still the love of Hoult’s life, and that they are back together.

He reportedly regularly talks about his former co-star, and it made it difficult for his Twilight girlfriend to stay with him. The “insider” said that there was always a chance that the former couple would reconcile, and it was something that Stewart feared. It seems that her fears were justified.

It is possible that there was never even a relationship between Hoult and Stewart. The rumors started because they were spotted on “dates” together. At one point, they were seen cozying up together while at the Clouds of Sils Maria Cinema Society event two months ago. However, the two never confirmed their relationship, trying to keep their private lives out of the papers.

Lawrence was recently involved in the nude photo scandal, in which a hacker stole her nude photos. Hoult supported her during this time, never agreeing with the hacker’s attempt to embarrass her. He said that it was “a shame” and “shocking” that something like that would happen in today’s world.

The actress recently made the news for positive reasons. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 hit movie theaters at the end of last month and was an instant hit. Fans even got the chance to hear her sing, which is something she said that she could not do. During the story, her character Katniss sings a song called The Hanging Tree and it is involved in some propaganda material. The song is now part of the soundtrack for the movie, so fans can hear it over and over again.

However, she still remains very private about her personal life. Acting is a job for her, and not a chance for people to learn all about her secrets. That is why the relationship between Lawrence and Hoult has not yet been confirmed, but it is possible they are back together.

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