Jessie J Paid Rent for Years Thanks to Miley Cyrus

Jessie J

Thanks to Miley Cyrus and her fans, Jessie J was able to pay her rent for three years just on one song. Party in the U.S.A was written by the British singer-songwriter, and was released in 2009. It quickly became a favorite for many, even those who were not originally fans of the former Disney star.

The 26-year-old told Glamour magazine that the tune ended up being extremely lucrative for her. She was able to afford her rent easily, which meant that the rest of the income from other songs could go elsewhere. While she enjoys singing and does endorsements, she does admit that most of her money comes from the songs that she writes.

Jessie J explained to the British magazine that that is where the money is in the industry. Those who want to be successful need to write songs, and songs that are catchy and become popular.

This year has been just as successful for the star, if not more. She wrote Bang Bang, which features Ariana Grande and has already become a hit song around the world. Women are singing and saying the lines, with many doing it in their own way. The song is all about reassurance, love, heartbreak and how women look and feel. It is an empowering song, which is possibly why it has become sp popular.

However, Jessie J does have Cyrus’ fans to thank for her rent being paid for years. While she originally said Party in the U.S.A paid her rent for three years, she believes it may have been “longer than that.”

The song was co-written with Claude Kelly and Dr. Luke. She still regularly receives royalties from it as five years on it remains one of the most played tracks.

Country singers have known for years that the money is in the writing. It also helps to sing the song with more feeling, since the story behind it is theirs to tell. However, that does not stop songwriters wanting to make a name for themselves as singers. Jessie J is transitioning into this, along with a number of country music stars like Sam Hunt and Luke Bryan. Rico Love and Sevyn Streeter are two R&B songwriters currently trying to transition into the singing industry from writing the music.

Pop bands McFly and Busted chose to write their own songs for years and worked on each others songs, too. They have now formed together as McBusted and continue to write many of their own songs. It is certainly paying off for them as they have a number of sold-out tours.

The benefit for these singers is that they have the skills to write their own songs. While they bring in the money through their voice, they do not need to share as much with those who have written their songs for them.

The money is certainly in the writing, even if the recognition is not initially there. For those looking to break into the industry, Jessie J made a point to say that song writing is a must. Thanks to Cyrus and her fans, Jessie J was able to pay her rent for years just on one song.

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