North Carolina Shooting Under Investigation

North Carolina

North Carolina police are investigating shots fired from outside a Kinston home during the early morning hours. According to initial reports, police arrived at a home at 802 West Washington Avenue, finding that two people had been at home when unknown shooters fired shots outside the house. No injuries have been reported at this time. The shooters apparently fled before police arrived on the scene. No description of them or any vehicle they may have been driving has been given, but police are searching for the suspects.

This is the latest of seven different shootings reported in the city over the past several days, the first of which was reported on Friday. No connection between the shootings has been identified by police, but they continue their investigations into the incidents. They are asking for anyone with any information about any of the shootings to contact them. Whether connected or not, this has caused considerable concern to many residents of this North Carolina city. Officials are motivated to make arrests.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of James Willamore – Flickr License

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