Johnny Depp Commits to Sobriety

DeppAfter a speech at the Hollywood Film Awards in November in which Johnny Depp appeared to be drunk he is now committed to remaining sober. The drunken outburst followed a more than two year period in which the actor had been both sober and clean. After the actor’s drunken speech at the award ceremony there was much speculation and worry over his perceived drinking problem. At the time of the incident there were even rumors circulating that Amber Heard, his fiancee was considering leaving him if he did not stop drinking. The couple has been engaged since New Year’s Eve 2013.

There is no definitive proof that Heard did in fact issue an ultimatum to Depp to get him to stop his excessive drinking but friends have said that she is willing to walk away from their relationship if the actor does not sober up. Since the award ceremony, an insider says that the actor has been travelling with a companion in an effort to curtail his alcohol consumption. The same insider said that one of Depp’s biggest problems has always been a problem with moderation and his inability to stop after one or two drinks. In fact, the actor has had previous long stretches of sobriety after drinking binges that have derailed that sobriety.

Depp actually missed the premier of his latest film Into the Woods because he was reportedly participating in a type of in home rehabilitation program to help him with his addiction to alcohol. There were many questions that were raised after the actor missed the premier of the movie, however there are reports that say that the producers of Into the Woods allowed him to refrain from taking part in any promotional obligations in an effort to allow him to detox ad get himself cleaned up. Although Depp missed the premier of the movie and other promotions surrounding his latest film his commitment to sobriety took priority.

Since the disastrous speech at the award ceremony, Vanessa Paradis, the mother of Depp’s two children and his ex-girlfriend has apparently blamed Heard for the actor resuming his bad habit of drinking. Paradis, who was in a relationship with the actor for approximately 14 years believes that she has been a bad influence on the actor. Another source close to the actor said that Heard may have been the one to break Depp’s sobriety because she enabled him but that she was not necessarily a bad influence. The source said that although she may have been a party girl at one point in time, Heard was no longer that person and had in fact settled down.

Although there have been a number of rumors circulating around the status of Depp and Heard’s relationship especially since the awards ceremony, it appears that the couple is actually stronger than ever based on information from a source close to the couple. With a wedding in his future Depp is apparently committed to maintaining his sobriety. At this time however there has been no confirmed date for a wedding.

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