Joseph Gordon-Levitt Secretly Married Girlfriend Tasha McCauley

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt got secretly married to his long-time girlfriend, Tasha McCauley, on December 20, 2014. The 500 Days of Summer and Don Juan star is now officially off of the market, ladies! The happy couple had an intimate wedding at their home, according to E! Online and other sources, like People, which first broke this story.

Back in September 2013, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 33, admitted during an interview with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM talk show that he was seeing someone special in his life. He told Stern that he did, indeed, have a girlfriend, but that he did not “really like to talk about it in public.” He said that he preferred to keep the romantic details of the women he dated private.

While he did not tell Stern how long he had been going out with his girlfriend, Joseph Gordon-Levitt did confess that his girlfriend was “not in show business.” He also told Stern that he thought he was “a pretty good person and a good boyfriend.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt said he was not afraid of making a commitment to one single woman, and starting up a family. He said that at some time in the future, he believed he could make that sort of commitment, though at the time, the idea was a “project,” that might happen in the future. He did say that, with the right woman, “I can make that commitment.”

The Dark Knight Rises star refused to answer Howard Stern’s requests to know the name of his girlfriend, but he did tell Stern that he had first met her through, as he put it, “mutual friends.” When the America’s Got Talent judge asked Joseph Gordon-Levitt if he was in love, the actor replied that the conversation was “getting private,” and did not comment any further about that particular question. They may or may not have been in love then, when Gordon-Levitt was interviewed by Stern; but, if not, their relationship soon developed into something more.

According to Gordon-Levitt, one reason that he likes to keep his private life separate from his professional career as an actor is that he does not want people watching his movies to be thinking about who he is dating, rather than paying attention to the plot of the film and the character he is playing in it.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt added that Tasha McCauley was not a fan of the spotlight, saying that she did not “want any part of it.” Suddenly being subjected to the “scrutiny” of the media and the paps was something that McCauley did not relish about their relationship, according to the Looper star.

The marriage to Tasha McCauley is the first one for actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. His wife has a very successful career as the CEO and founder of the NASA-based robotics company, Fellow Robots. Her company is located in California’s Silicon Valley, at NASA Research Park there. In keeping with the actor’s wishes for his personal life to be as separate and private as possible, his wedding to Tasha McCauley was held in secret, at their residence in California.

Written By: Douglas Cobb

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