Maury Povich Sued by Distraught Prison Inmate


Controversial talk show host Maury Povich is being sued by a less than happy prison inmate, who is accusing the 75-year-old of exploiting his seven-year-old daughter on television without his consent, and ruining his life as a result. He also puts the host on blast for allowing him to be the center of the public drama meltdown the show usually ensues, again without his permission or prior knowledge whatsoever.

Alan B. Griffin, an inmate at a Florida state prison, has filed a handwritten lawsuit against the D.C. native in which he details what he feels was an unjust action committed against him. He says that he only became aware of his ex-wife and daughter’s involvement in the tabloid talk show after watching said episode in his prison cell back in 2010. Upon realizing that Sherilitra Nash (his former wife) and Lanique (his daughter) were airing the family’s dirty laundry for all of America to hear on Povich’s show, Griffin says his life went into a state of absolute turmoil and spiraled out of control due to the grief and suffering he faced as a result of his personal life being laid out for discussion on a television show without even the slightest concern for whether or not he was a part of it.

The lawsuit details the man’s claims that, following seeing his only child “exploited” on national television via Povich’s show, he fell into a state of deep depression and was fully contemplating suicide after months of thoughts regarding wanting to end his life. Things reportedly got so bad that Griffin was placed under 5150 psychiatric hold (meaning that he was placed under mental evaluation for 72 hours), and subsequently had to spend an entire year in counseling as a result of the trauma watching his child and ex-wife on Povich had put him through mentally.

Griffin is currently serving time for second-degree attempted murder and sexual battery, although the exact parameters surrounding his incarceration for these crimes are unknown, in terms of what exactly went down and with whom. Regarding what he wants from Povich as a result of the aforementioned pain and suffering he claims to have been subjecting to as a result of his daughter being allowed on the show without his consent, the man is asking for $100,000. This is being requested not only from Povich himself, but also from the host’s production company and the NBC network itself. Griffin feels as though they are all equally responsible in the so-called exploitation of his child, as they all had a legal obligation to find out if he was okay with the girl being portrayed on television and also should have been given a chance to tell his side of the story, which he was not. Legal sources connected to the case say that the inmate has little to not chance of winning his case, because it was simply not up to him if his daughter appeared on television as he was not her primary guardian at the time of filming, given that he was in prison and her mother currently has sole custody.

It remains to be seen what will come of Florida inmate Alan B. Griffin’s recent lawsuit against Maury Povich for allowing his ex-wife and daughter to go on the talk show in question and discuss personal matters without his consent. Neither Povich nor his representatives have yet given any comment on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Photo by kellywritershouse – Flickr License

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