Kansas City Accident Kills One and Injures More

Kansas City
Reports have come in of an accident in Kansas City involving only one car which has killed one person and injured two more. The accident took place near the intersection of Oakley Avenue and 26th Street. Initial indications are that a Honda Civic that had one driver and two passengers went out of control suddenly and ran into a tree. The driver suffered injuries which were not life-threatening. There was one person riding in the front seat who received serious injuries and was taken to a local hospital. The person in the back seat was also taken to the hospital, but died shortly after arriving there of the crash injuries.

No other vehicles were involved, and nobody else was injured. The cause of the accident has not been released, and it is not yet known what factors may have contributed to the driver losing control. Kansas City police are currently investigating the accident to determine the details of the wreck and the reasons for it. More information is expected as that investigation continues.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of mtfrazier – Flickr License

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