Kevin Hart Responds to Leaked Sony Email


Kevin Hart took to Instagram Thursday to respond to a leaked email by Sony in which the executive called him a “whore.” Without calling out the company or the network executives, Hart wrote that he is a brand and because of that he would not allow himself to be taken advantage of. He wrote about the importance of knowing your own self-worth. He added in caps on his Instagram post that he protects his brand. He also posted an article screenshot where he is called “the moneymaker” corroborating claims that he is the hardest working comic in the business.

As for the ignorance of others he said he is able to brush it off his shoulders and move on without hesitation. His response came after Sony was hacked and had movies leaked online and emails between network executives exposed. One leaked correspondence even included an exchange between the Sony executives about the 35-year-old comedian requesting additional payment to promote his Think Like a Man Too comedy on Twitter on top of his $3 million payment.

Screen Gems president, Clint Culpepper, called Hart a whore in an email he sent to Amy Pascal, Sony co-chairman. Hart was also mentioned in emails exchanged between Pascal and Scott Rudin, super-producer, when they were determining what to ask President Barak Obama during the 2013 Democratic fundraiser. They argued about asking the president about different movies starring African-Americans like 12 Years a Slave and Django Unchained. Rudin stated that the president was probably a fan of Kevin Hart.

Culpepper threatened that if he did not play ball, his brand would diminish and would end up hurting himself since the company was in possession of his next two movies. The email discussing Hart was one of many leaked out of the studio. Emails between Pascal and Rudin were leaked displaying racially biased jokes about President Obama. Kevin Hart responded to the leaked Sony emails by taking the high road and not calling out names.

Kevin Hart was one of several stars slammed in a series of leaked emails from Sony including Angelina Jolie and Michael Fassbender. Guardians of Peace have claimed responsibility for the hack and the subsequent leak of unreleased movies and network executive emails. Actors Jonah Hill and Cameron Diaz were said to also have had personal information compromised in the breach according to Fox Business.

The hack first began back on Nov. 24. Employees’ computers were hijacked with the message “Hacked by #GOP” and a skeleton displayed across the screen. The GOP stated that they would release sensitive company information in addition to the leaks of unreleased movies, Annie, Mr. Turner, Still Alice, and others. An investigation is being conducted by U.S. law enforcement with full cooperation being given by Sony.

North Korea is suspected to be behind the attack. North Korea has expressed displeasure with an upcoming Sony film, The Interview. In the movie a CIA operation is underway to assassinate the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. The movie is slated to be released Dec. 25.

Both Pascal and Rudin have apologized for their exchange in the leaked emails. Culpepper has not issued an apology at this time. Hart’s next movie The Wedding Ringer will debut on Jan. 16 through Screen Gems. Kevin Hart’s response to the leaked Sony emails is done in true Hart fashion, by hustling in silence and letting his work speak for him.

By Stevenson Benoit

NY Daily News
Huffington Post
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Photo by Memorial Student Center – Flickr License

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