Kim Kardashian Is Not Concerned With Leaked Nude Photos

Kim Kardashian Not Angry About Leaked Photos

Kim Kardashian is one of  many celebrities whose nude photographs found their way onto the Internet for the world to view. This scandal recently became commonplace among female actors. While many were irate and called it a sex crime Kardashian remained silent until more recently.

The reality television star admittedly felt violated but said she could not really get upset about it because she has often posed nude for publications. Kim was recently accused of “shutting the internet down” when she posed for Paper Magazine completely naked. Years ago she found her way into the limelight because of a “leaked” sex tape so the actress is no stranger to the world of nudity.

Kim is proud of her photo shoot with Jean-Paul Goude. According to Kardashian, the shoot with the legendary photographer was an art project she chose to do with the goal of making her feel good and confident. It taught her it is okay to do what she wants to do. She added:

Everyone should do what they are comfortable with. I am never one to preach, but I felt really positive and good about myself.

Kardashian explained that she used to be a victim of low self-esteem. She hated her body and was embarrassed by her shape. Kim wanted what was considered a supermodel body; she desired to be tall and slim. She now appreciates what she has been given and posing nude is a way the star chooses to celebrate her newly established body confidence. When speaking of the photo hacking scandal the 34-year-old mother said:

I feel violated because these are private pictures. I did not choose for them to be out there. But I am also realistic. I cannot go crazy about it because I am on covers of magazines practically naked. The only choice I can make is to not let it shake me up. I’m not having that choice taken away from me.

When Kardashian was young she did not appreciate her shapely physique. It took her a long time to become as confident as she is currently and to finally become happy with her body. The shapely icon said she would cry at night and pray her breasts would stop growing. It took wise words from her father to put her on the path towards contentment with the way her body was “shaping” up.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said it took a while for her to really understand what her father’s words meant, but it seems his form of encouragement turned prophetic. He told his daughter she had a body that many girls did not have and one day her body would become an attention magnet for men. These words are truer than he may have intended. Most importantly, according to Kim, her father said she was a wonderful girl who needed to understand her self-worth.

Walking in new-found confidence and fame Kardashian believes it is good to break the mold and create a new one. As an Armenian woman she is shapely. What the celebrity learned is that people like that in a female. She appreciates the support received from other women and now feels good about herself.

It has been a journey for Kim learning to navigate the waters of low self-esteem to arrive at a place of confidence. Although she does not appreciate the violation of someone leaking nude photos taken for another purpose she realizes that she is in control of how she reacts to it. Kim Kardashian-West said she loves the woman she has grown into and will not allow the actions of a hacker to control her choice to be happy and content.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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