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Kim Kardashian: Second Pregnancy and a Divorce


KardashianDespite the fact that I write about Kim Kardashian a lot, I am most certainly not one of her fans. I do not watch the Keeping up with the Kardashians show and honestly, I could not care less about this family. However, being a journalist means that one must be in the flow with all current news, including the Kardashian family, since (unfortunately), many people are interested in their lives. So, reading about them on daily basis is something that I must do, but for a while now, I have successfully avoided Kardashians as a subject of my writing. Well, today, I stumbled upon an article about Kim Kardashian not being able to get pregnant with her second child. Even more, this article claims that she is going to divorce her husband Kanye West because of that.

Kim Kardashian not being able to get pregnant is a great news. I know that there are many women out there, trying to have a baby, but this is an entirely different situation. According to several reports, North West is a ‘miracle baby’ and she was conceived despite the fact that several doctors told Kim that she will not be able to get pregnant. If that is true, why did she complain about how much the pregnancy ruined her figure? I mean, if a woman miraculously gets pregnant, she is thankful and she does not care about how many pounds she gained during the pregnancy. Well, after North was born, Kardashian did not hide her wish to have a big family and that she and Kanye are working on a baby number two. Several people (including me), were of the opinion that she should first take care of North properly, before bringing another child into this world. Let’s face it, Kim is not a good mother. From the moment that the baby was born, she is nothing but an accessory to Kim. Instead of making her daughter No.1 in her life, Kim still puts her fame and publicity first. Well, what else could we expect from Kris Jenner’s daughter, since she always used her family in order to gain publicity? And an apple most surely did not fall far from the tree.

While some reports are suggesting that Kim will divorce Kanye because he cannot give her the second baby, some other reports hinted that this is all just a part of her bigger plan. Supposedly, Kim is secretly taking birth control pills and she is waiting for the right time to get pregnant. When she does, she will have another miracle baby, after trying to get pregnant for a very long time. The contract for her show expires in 2015 and a miraculous pregnancy would surely keep the show going. Mrs. Kardashian knows how to play her violin and she has proven on several occasions that she will do just about everything to stay in the spotlight.

Remember her first pregnancy? Kim was pregnant at the same time as Kate Middleton, who was the one in the spotlight then, of course. So why would she be pregnant now, when Kate is also pregnant again? Mrs. West probably hates the fact that the entire world now speaks about Kate’s second pregnancy and there is no way that she is having her second baby until Kate gives birth.

It is actually quite sad to see how far some people are willing to go in order to gain publicity and to stay in the spotlight. Having a child is not like going into a grocery store and buy a loaf of bread. Baby is a living human being, not an accessory. I mean, just look at North. This poor baby is never happy. Yes, she has everything that money can buy: from the most expensive toys to renowned fashion designers clothes. But does she have love? Does she feel loved? Posting a picture of kissing her baby is just another way to gain publicity, however, the question is how much love does Kim show to her daughter when the cameras go off. And yet, she wants another baby. Even more, Kim claims that she is fully capable of taking care of two children all by herself. Seriously? With how many nannies?

Another rumor claims that Kim will divorce Kanye, since he is not able to give her another child. According to the report, Kim never really loved her husband and she just put up with him because she wanted her children to have the same father. After they were trying to conceive baby number two for several months, Kim now decided to part her ways with Kanye. Well, there were several rumors lately, hinting that she is getting a divorce, but since the couple is still together, it looks like the divorce rumor is just another way for Kim to stay in the public eye.

It surely is a good thing if Kim Kardashian is really having troubles to get pregnant with her second child. Maybe this is a sign that she should care more for North and less for her publicity. After all, she already has one miracle baby and this baby needs a mother, not just someone who only kisses her for the cameras. Besides, if she really wants to have another baby, she can always adopt a child.

By: Janette Verdnik

New York Daily News
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